The Tale of The Teeth

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" from a popular song during the 40s by Hohf & Mago "I do not mourn those parts of me that are gone" Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool I was a happy child, with a happy smile, and then my teeth began to grow in, over under sideways down. Sometimes I think the teeth were larger than my feeble frame could handle, and they took over my face. My eyes sparkled. My dimples creased. But it was those two "Bucky Beaver" teeth which stood out, and this was a problem. A problem which would take years, possibly decades, possibly all my life, to solve. I tried to cover up the massive front teeth in photos, but they stuck out so much I couldn't really

Spring Sunrise: A New MikeVideo Internet Movie

Spring has sprung. I created this latest "MikeVideo Internet Movie" on the first day of Spring, 2015. I like a sense of a definite beginning...and what better way to announce the beginning of my new blog! #mikevideo

Is This Thing On?

"Okay, so now I will merely type in this little window here, and see what's what." 02-24-2002 The Online Diaries of Michael F. Nyiri "This is the first of what I finally hope are many attempts to get the thoughts and feverish hallucinations out of my head and onto paper. Hah hah. Paper. Get it? Oh well. This, as usual in the writing career of yours truly, Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, and fool, is this foolish attempt to create another blog." 03-02-2003 WhenWordsCollide "Well, it is Memorial Day 2004 and I am creating yet another page for my website... Ah, the interent is such a weird place and a wonderful place at the same time. Well Let’s see if this experiment works, and this posts

ElectricPoetry: "Legacy For Myself"

"Legacy For Myself" Poetry by Michael F. Nyiri started 5:30 am pst 3/04/15 finished 7:00 am pdt 3/10/15 What will my legacy be when I'm gone? I have no children, this life to pass on I have not the funds for philanthropy I'm just content to gaze at clouds and the sea I'm a guy who takes pictures (and writes verses too) I enjoy watching movies, and reading books through Seems like I've always been there and here As family faded, and friends fast fall from my sphere I like to draw pictures, but they're only cartoons No paintings or artwork or musical tunes Will be left when I exit this grand mortality So I question what will be my last legacy When I die just sweep me under the rug Never liked



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