"The Trip, Fall, and Walk of Shame"

"Empty Beer Cans (Passive Reflections on the Insanity of Life)" (a thoughtpoem) by Michael F. Nyiri November 28, 1979 1:00 p.m. He lay, silently, eye half open revealing the liquid besmirched lens and the crooked wire frame. Ahead the plains of green nylon weave half shining from the morning sun half dark from the spilled ashes Looming in the distance.... the untamed forest, of half-empty... and empty beer cans An arm swings stealthily aside in an effort to upright him toddling under uncertain weight A leg juts forward and knocks over a lone tree in the forest of cans the timber falls carelessly The eyes misbelieve they're in focus But all that can be seen is the forest inhabited only by fea



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