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"Someday we'll all have our own television stations on the internet"  Michael F. Nyiri 1999

Cloudscaping Too

A MikeVideo Internet Movie: July 2013


Running Time: 4:30 min


My latest and greatest. Someday one of these artistic little slideshows will become viral. I just know it.




And Now We Dance 


A MikeVideo Internet Movie: January 2013


Running Time: 4:12 min


Another interpretive dance performance from the old bald guy. The music is Rafiki, by Zap Mama, from the 2005 album "A Ma Zone". There are no edits. I'm 59 years young in this video, and I work out sometimes by dancing.



Mike's Video Blog: Jan 1st, 2013

A Dance to 2013


A MikeVideo Internet Movie: January 1, 2013

HD 720p

Running Time: 21:38 min


Mike's 16th video blog is a tribute to the new year, containing a number of dance performances, plus humorous commentary. Recorded entirely on New Year's Eve, and edited, rendered and "directed" and uploaded to YouTube on New Year's Day.


As I await the turning of the end of my sixth decade of life, my energy level, health, and creativity are high. Frankly, it's a wonder I'm not completely tired out after making this. But the Mikester is "young, wild and free". For the coming year and for eternity. It took an entire day to cobble down three hours of footage into this 21 minute vid. I know that's an eternity for the internet, but to me it's just a half hour tv show! 


I've always been a bit of a ham. In fact, I think I possibly dislocated my left hip, causing both my 1992 hip replacement, and it's 2009 "revision" because I used to end all my dance moves at clubs back in the 70s and 80s by doing the "splitz". I'm all healed up now, and even though I don't dance to Gaga as promised to my blog readers years ago (Dancing Grandpa put the kibosh on those plans, sigh) I do dance to tunes by Nicki Minaj, Ellie Goulding, and Taio Cruz, among others. 


The vid ends with one of my free weight workouts, set to music. I really should have created this when I was about ten pounds lighter, but it's the holiday season, and I gained a lot of my belly back pretty easily. Now it's time to get back in shape.


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