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ElectricPoetry: "Legacy For Myself"

"Legacy For Myself"

Poetry by Michael F. Nyiri

started 5:30 am pst 3/04/15

finished 7:00 am pdt 3/10/15

What will my legacy be when I'm gone?

I have no children, this life to pass on

I have not the funds for philanthropy

I'm just content to gaze at clouds and the sea

I'm a guy who takes pictures (and writes verses too)

I enjoy watching movies, and reading books through

Seems like I've always been there and here

As family faded, and friends fast fall from my sphere

I like to draw pictures, but they're only cartoons

No paintings or artwork or musical tunes

Will be left when I exit this grand mortality

So I question what will be my last legacy

When I die just sweep me under the rug

Never liked to be touched but I'll treasure your hug

The Universal Mind holds the godhead and cosmos, I know

So afraid of death, I'm not, It's the Universal flow

What will my legacy be here on earth?

I feel loved by a few, for what it's worth

Don't know if they'll miss me, or how long it'll take

As I lose my last breath and pull up life's last stake

For now and the meantime (as I've written before)

There's just too much life left for me in store

There's just too much to do, and so little time

And someday I still hope to find one to help finish my rhyme

You can turn off the internet I won't miss the distraction

You can take away my senses, my limbs, just a fraction

Of mighty existence, the here and the now

I'll write one last verse, cry one last tear, and how

Will the end be just like the beginning my friends

I am still aging backwards, childlike wonder it tends

The clouds float by easy, I hear the sound of the sea

And yet I wonder still, what will be my legacy?

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