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You Can Never Go Home Again

(Or Can You?)

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“You Can Never Go Home Again”

Poetry by Michael F. Nyiri

July 11, 2005 4:00 p.m. pdt



Memories, sadly, are all that remain

As an exhuberant life swirls down the drain

Singing party songs and dirges, verse and refrain

“You can never go home again.”



Home was a house where a childhood was spent

Upon a hill overlooking the roadway out of town

The street now is gone, and the memories get sent

Into oblivion when thrown on the ground.



Bulldozers have no heartbeat

As they destroy the realities of youth

And after years pass, muddied the street

And lies surely replace what was truth



Memories, sadly, melt in the sand

And the spectre of now lies in a cold hand

Open to possibilities unbound

But the drear echo of memory makes not a sound



Memories, sadly, are all that remain

When the streetlamps of solace still stain

And you stop singing the songs, and forget the refrain

“You can never go home again"

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