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I am Michael F. Nyiri :

Writer, Poet, Photographer, MikeVideo creator, amateur theologian, philosopher, and essayist.

I've had a personal online presence for over two decades. My "electronic experiment in art" first went online in 1999. Over these past two decades, I've filled thousands of online pages with millions of words and pictures. Now in my seventh decade, I still feel vibrant and creative, and I love feedback.

I invite you to follow me on my journey through life and art. 

Since 2015, most of my creative juices have been flowing into my artistic photography hobby.

I take lots of photographs. Check them out on my Flickr site. 


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Read me like a book.  

My archived ElectricPoetry site courtesy Internet Archive

Poetry of the 2010s to the present


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Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool 



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