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The Return of the Prodigal Blogger

"Okay everybody, here we go..." Peter Pan ride at Disney parks

I'm at it again.

I'm creating a new blog.

Nobody except some diehards from Xanga will remember that I wrote and presented some of the most intricate and longest blogposts in the history of blogging.

That was from 2004-2013

That was a long time ago.

I'm really not sure whether or not I'll be able to write and update regular blog articles like I did then, but I have completely changed AllThingsMike, my personal website, and deleted the thousands (millions) of pages on the site originally created on Dreamweaver back in 2001 (twenty years ago...) and most recently (for the past decade or so) hosted on Hostway. I'm not sure whether or not people will flock (like the birds in my header on this post) to my latest blogging endeavor. You have to "join" my blog, and I'll suppose you'll get "notifications" when I write something in your emailbox. I don't do twitter nor instagram. I only have a Facebook and my Flickr site for photos. I know I'll be posting my blog entries to my Facebook timeline. There used to be a place where folks could comment from Facebook. I don't know how that will be handled.

So many times I'll visit a blog and notice nobody comments on any of the author's posts. Seems so sad. I'll probably get depressed when nobody comments on mine. I used to "complain" that I got "only" whatever amount of comments I would get. It was a running joke on the WhenWordsCollide of old. (By the way, I'm making all attempts to ensure links are "secure", since I'll be creating an online store here on the AllThingsMike Photography pages I have to make note that the link to my Xanga blog is unsecure. I kept it online as a legacy website, but can't edit it.


My "sections" on the Xanga blog for this column (I really hope to stoke my writing fires again as I did with my many columns on the original WhenWordsCollide) were Health, Wealth, Creativity, and Xanga (The blogging service was a community, and there was always something dramatic going on among the denizens to write about.) I want to use this format to outline how my creativity will inform not only this new blog, which is just an element, but the sections of my redesigned personal website. Hopefully I'll develop followers who will thrill at every new poem I write, every new (Mike)video I create, and every new photo I post.

The ElectricPoetry section of old can now only be accessed via the Internet Archive, but it's quote thorough, and all the links work. I remember somebody once asking me "where are the poems?" I've written so many of them over half a century of writing that I sectioned the site to feature "decades", "years" and listed the poems. Each title was a link to the individual poem.

That was then.

In 2015 when I created the new version of AllThingsMike I posted all of the poems of a particular year on one page. I had pages from 2009-2016. I am in the process of editing the ElectricPoetry section and each page has a scrollbar with the titles of the poems for that year. Hopefully the navigation is easier. Hopefully more than just me will ever navigate the pages. LOL.


I'm keeping safe, and haven't been sick for almost two years. I wear a mask in public and practice social distancing here at the mobile park where I live and at work. If the case numbers go up so much that Governor Newsom calls for "shelter in place" rules again, I hope my employer lets me work from home again. I enjoyed that. I saved gasoline and didn't have to worry about the commute. Plus I can do my complete job from my computer workstation.

Besides trying to stay away from the plague, I seem to have developed pain in my left shoulder again. I had Xrays taken when I went in for my 2019 physical exam in December, and the doc couldn't find anything wrong. He told me to practice stretching, which I do on a regular basis. The pain went away. It came back with a vengeance about a week ago. Saturday it seemed like it was going to go away, but is even more painful right now.

I'm not sure whether it's muscle or nerve pain. I've had both. Ibuprofen and even Norco doesn't work, so I'm not taking any pills. I can't lift my teacup to my face unless I go though a whole process. I hope the pain goes away. I may have to do a "teleconference" with my doctor next week.

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