A Storm tossed tale of hard luck on the high seas.
The lovesearch among shifting sands and arid drought.
Here Sir Michael tells what he has learned, and what he still searches for.




Onec Upon a Time,

there was a fellow named Michael who , because he believed in the power of

KISMET, or FATE , decided that love should not be happenstance or merely something that one should just "settle for" in life, but that it should be the single most special situation among mankind. And he believed love was a gift from God to Man, and gave man reason for his very existence. Michael started life looking for this great love, and as the years passed, he realized he had been looking for an awfully long time. His belief in fate held strong throughout the years, but, alas, he never fell in love, because he couldn't find the perfect complement to his existence.He looked amongst his sibling's friends, and amongst his classmates at school, and amongst the congregation at Church. He looked high and low, and he made friends, but he didn't feel as if the elusive power of love would ever visit him. He held fast to his belief that love would provide him with the perfect complement, what he called" the other half to his whole". As time advanced,he built a geat castle,and settled into a life of luxury, but the only thing missing was love. As the time advanced, soon it seemed he was living alone, the life of a hermit, in his castle filled with wonder. One fine day, when the sun was high and with the wind at his back, Mike set out from the castle on a great quest. A wonderful tool in the valley allowed him to search farther than he had ever searched before. This website will tell the story of the Quest for this great Love. What Michael called "The LoveSearch"

That Quest Continues to This Day

  Michael saddled up his steed, a beauteous white stallion, and donned his shining silver armor. He was a white knight in search of a maiden faire, and held great beliefs that his quest for the Holy Grail of Love was not a quest in vain. He began the search with hope and fortitude, with resolve and purpose. Love, while it might prove elusive to some, simply couldn't prove elusive to one who searched with this much of a purpose. With a sigh, and a gulp of fresh aire, Michael mounted his steed, and galloped from town to town in the valley. Further along in his journeys, Michael stopped to say a prayer to St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, although he had no inkling whether or not the prayer would be answered. Judging by his previous quests and the fact that he could see his knee prints in the dirt at the base of the shrine, he might have been disappointed, but he held to his resolve, and continued apace.

The Quest became the most consuming of his pursuits, and it took Michael to the ends of the earth, well, to Nantucket and Albequerque anyway. The journey has been a long one, and originally, the Love Search pages on this website were a plea for companionship. Now, Henceforth, they shall be a historie of the LoveSearch itself, that search for the holy grail of emotional splendor. A tone poem for the new Millennium, dressed in the agony of defeat in love, and in the quest so far.


The Maiden of LoveSearches looked kindly on Michael, and knighted him. So now Sir Knight Michael the Good continued his quest. He was not intimidated by his failures. He got astride his horse on more time, and off he went in search of the Grail.


The facts proved devastating. Three years. Two lovesearches to other parts of the country. No fulfillment. So, on the cusp of culminating his first half century on the planet, our intrepid traveler and questor, Sir Michael, stops enough for a few moments in his travels and travails, to boldly state his purpose, and relate his tales.

I hope you wander among the hills and dales of the shire with me, and learn of misquided emotions, and unfulfilled dreams. Far from being a sad tale, the Quest of the LoveSearch has gained Sir Michael many friends, and hopeful aquaintences, and has propelled him to the far reaches of the shire.

The brush around the castle graphic take you to the main sections, and the individual roads to the journey are listed in the box below. Select a destination and you will be transported to that part of the journey.

Come with me now on the Quest for the Unattainable Perfect Love, the Other Half to My Whole.


MFN 2/02





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