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The meaning of life.
The answers to all of your questions.
What happens when you die.
Why no one can say for sure what does,
and why the search for the answer to this question has caused an ideological rift in the fabric of mankind that might even signal the end of the world even as predicted.
I think I know the answers to these quesitons, and I think I have known them for a very long time.
I have spent an eternity in my mind, even though my physical form has been in existence merely a half century. My mind operates as if commanded by a larger and more rational force than the force which commands existence as I live it from day to day.
I feel I have nothing to worry about.
The feeling of eternity has been with me for at least that long.

As time takes her leisurely, or, to put it another way, her headlong rush into uncertainty, I am, at least certain of this. I am even more steadfast in my belief. Eternity is almost here, for anyone old enough to know it. It is time to acknowledge the Great Truth of Existence.

As I feel the spirit move me, I shall add continuing chapters to the Book of The Universal Blog.


Michael F. Nyiri
poet, philosopher, fool








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