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Fifty years of verse. Chronologically arranged. Read me like a book.

For several years, beginning in 1967, I have written reams of verse, then tucked them all away in volumes which had only been read by a select few. In May of 1999, on my 46th birthday, I began a Poetry section on my webpage, AllThingsMike, to eventually collect and display all my poetry in chronological order. The Poetry section evolved into the original ElectricPoetry website on Homestead in 2000. In January of 2004, I published the edition of this website which was hosted by allthingsmike.com for the past decade, a more ambitious undertaking that truly attempted to chart "a life in verse" as was my intention in the beginning. 

From 2004-2013 I could rely on my blogging host, xanga.com, to supply the "place" on the internet where I collected my poetry. My poetry is extensively tagged and indexed on my Xanga blog WhenWordsCollide.

The edition you're reading is a beta site created online during the weekend of July 19-21, 2013, on wix.com. to familiarize myself with the HTML5 editor.

Poetry is the lifeblood of my humanity, words which pour from me like the water of life. By hereby posting this tome on the internet, I copyright all words.Poems presented here are available for posting on other websites and blogs, as long as I am credited as the author, and a link provided back to this site on the page. 

The collection now spans some forty years, and is listed chronologically with each decade divided into years, and each year's worth of poetry listed by Title and Date, which is a link if the poem is online. New transcriptions are stamped with their posting date. Someday, I hope to have series and cross referencing available. Some of this exists throughout the site.

All current efforts, which are written on a computer keyboard these days, are being posted, and there are links to the many introductions I have written for the several "volumes" of my verse on paper. The archives are growing as time allows. If there is an interest, I hope eventually to offer my poetry books for sale over the internet.

For now, anyway, whilst the site still stands, and for as long as I can maintain the payments to keep it there,, I hereby dedicate this website to artistic expression, and the broad canvas of webcreativity.

A moment is a lifetime filled with wonder and passion

A lifetime is a moment in existence

We are all one, and one of the things which keep us sane is our ability to love.

I love you all, and my heart beats a ringing song.

I reach out to touch humanity, and bask in the heavenly glow of humanity's face.

Thanks for listening.