Chances are, when you were very young, some clown laughed at you, and you were delighted.

Some time later, the clown's laugh started to get a mite unsettling in it's cacophany.

This is a website about Clowns.

Funny, Ferocious, Clowns.


Beginning with "The Betty Boop Pages" in 2001, and continuing through the "Cartoons Section" of the Cultural Blender and 2005s "Robots" website, I am continually adding new "Computer Composited Artwork" to my website. The ongoing additions to my oeuvre are updated to the Computer Art section of the "Yes, But Is It Art? Gallery". With the"Clowns" website, created during Memorial Day of 2006, I began to create a series related to Clown Imagery and Art. Individual Clown Artwork will be featured in the Art section on this website, but here you will find groupings and compositings of a number of clown images gleaned from numerous websearches for Clown icons. Click on the "Thumbnail Detail" image to see the large composite image with pertinent information on it's own page. Two new composite images have been added in Jan. 2008, and I also added a couple from June of 2006 which never made it to this page, but were featured in the "Clowns" movie.

Click here to view the first composite Click here to view the second composite Click here to view the third composite Click here to view the fourth composite Click here to view the fifth composite Click here to view "Clown Mountain"

Click here to view the seventh composite Click here to view "Mike Clown" Click here to view "Clown Court"

Click here to view Composite 2008-1 Click here to view Composite 2008-2




A Short history of Clowns

The Clown as Art

Composite artwork by Michael F. Nyiri





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