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:: 6.4.2003 ::

Well, I really f***ed up this time, but with this post, hopefully I got everything back to where it should be on the page, and, undaunted, hearing nothing but the quietude of plumbers destroying the bathroom behind me, I end up with the creative Allthingsmike blog.
Yadda Yadda Yadda.
Ta da,
And I'm just about ready to shut down the computer and give it a rest if this doesn't work.
:: Michael Nyiri 11:03:49 AM [+] ::
Here's some archives from 3/12 and 3/14, so at least some archived material has links to them.
:: Michael Nyiri 10:42:26 AM [+] ::
Here's one of the archive pages again, from 3/2/03, and I think it is the same one which actually has links in the post from 6/2 below.
:: Michael Nyiri 10:40:57 AM [+] ::
It's summer now. It's starting to get hot. I still don't know if I have archives yet, but I keep posting, and keep hoping. I created another blog, and got the new editing screen, so really don't know yet what I'm doing and if I'm accomplishing anything. Yet I try. I persevere. Someday the weight of the world's problems which bear heavy on my shoulders and mind will trickle out in wise ruminations on these cyberpages, but until I know that the all important "look" and "interface" are perfect, the words are riciculous patter, none too interesting, and colliding needlessly with actual truths.
Here goes.
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:: 6.2.2003 ::
Another day. Another instance where I cannot call up the archival pages, nor figure out how to make them appear. The file numbers should be The first entry should be here,
the second here,
and the third here.

:: Michael Nyiri 7:02:02 PM [+] ::
:: 6.1.2003 ::
It's starting to get weird. Back to the website. Back to the arduous task of trying to find out how to archive blogger pages. Back to reality in cyberspace.
Someday I'll use this space as it is supposed to be used. Someday I'll stop f***ing around and get down to the business of preaching the gospel of the universal mind on these pages, and preaching the gospel of increased movie attendance with pertinent reviews over on the ElectricMovies blog, of which I'm too lazy to include the link here.
Someday must come soon.
I am using this space today, June 1, 2003, to proclaim in cyberdom that it is time for these 50 year old bones to make a change, and soon, hopefully sooner soon than later soon, I will attempt the first "physical move" into a new house or apartment here in southern California in roughly ten years. Over the Memorial Day Holiday, the ancient water pipes in the household backed up so bad as to clog three sinks. Four or five large bottles of Liquid Plummer later, the pipes were free, and the water was running, but a backup occurred somewhere under the house, and now there is water seeping up through the floorboards and into the carpet in my bedroom, which doesn't smeel particularly nice, and is well on it's way to spouting mildew and all sort of bad chemical problems.
A visit from the plumber let me know the complete tub in the bathroom will have to be replaced, something which I have been trying to convince the landlord/owner needed to have been done for over a year. For the three days next week when the dismantling and reworking of the bathroom and plumbing is accomplished, I will have to use the bathroom in the first house of the two duplexes on our property, which is now vacant.
I told our landlord I might just wish to move into the newly carpeted and plumbed first house, but my roommate is against moving. In the meantime another apartment has become available directly under a friend's apartment for only $800.00 a month. It is now the first of June, and that apartment should be ready to move in in about three to five days.
Decisions decisions.
I want to move the 60 feet into the freshly prepared house on our property, but if roommate doesn't want to move there, he will have to move somewhere, or take over my half of the rent as I really think I might take either the apartment now available under my friend's apt., or perhaps move somewhere closer to work.
In any case, this will elicit the first change of the next half century.
On the computing front, I just added 512 MB and an 80GB firewire hard drive to the ol' computer, so perhaps I will start working on the old website again.
If I can only figure out how the archive works on these blogs when you are using your own domain and ftp, then I'll be happy.
Frustration will coalese slowly into fruition.
How about that war with Iraq, eh? I will have to spill my feelings on this obtuse miscalculation of the greateset but sometimes stupidist nation on Earth sometime in the near future.
If I can figure out the archive links, that is.
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:: 3.17.2003 ::

It is Monday morning, and I am off to work after three days off, most of which time I spent editing my website. Although everything I intended to accomplish, wasn't accomplished, as usual, at least I have been able to repost a lot of the ElectricMovies pages back to the server, and to update the ElectricMovies blog page. As for this page, which has been somewhat successfully imagined, I am still having problems witht the "archive" function, so until the time I figure out what I'm doing in that regard, I will probably display more of the posts on this page. I'm sort of figuring this program out little by little. The image of the "Battleship" game is a poor attempt at levity for a somewhat serious accounting of the state of world politics as I write. Just a quick glance at the news, and I haven't listened to NPR yet in the car on the drive to work, but Bush is now telling the inspectors to leave Iraq. The war is inevitable, and I am so conflicted and concerned. My roommate told me Bush should be playing the Armageddon game with the French president but I like the image of the child. A lot of children will be needlessly killed, and this could be the start of Megiddo, as prophesized, so if it is, I guess we should all start saying our prayers. A click on the little board game image should take you to the full size image. I stole the original from one of James Lilek's sites.
:: Michael Nyiri 5:25:36 AM [+] ::
:: 3.14.2003 ::

Now if everything works out okay. (Damn it, the pictures didn't show up, I edited those terrible squares with red x's out of the picture, and finally got the picture. I can see the AllthingsMike Motel below, and with this post, Stitch Presley should show up. And if you click on the thumbnail, it should take you to the full size image.

:: Michael Nyiri 3:50:10 PM [+] ::

:: Michael Nyiri 3:45:26 PM [+] ::

Here we have a go at inserting a simple img src. I mean image. (I don't know what the src means, but this is of course the code, and I am relearning the old code, hours later.
(12:52 PM to nearly time I usually get off work, and I threw out the old template, created another, got real tired, but keep plugging away, positive that the grand design of AllThingsMike is finally falling (to pieces) in place. The image is of the AllThingsMike Motel, where Betty Boop and Ewan and Nicole hang out. I must be in the Oldsmobile. Okay. Post away. I hope I only see five posts on the page, and I'll have to get archiving next. (But I'm in the middle of that movie. I'm also in the middle of recreating the ElectricMovies Diary website template from the source code for the page. Now When Words Collide uses the same "template" as ElectricMovies. It took days to figure out how to get my brilliant clouds background on this page.
Things are looking insane, I mean, up.
Back from the blog.
Back to the movie.
Here's another image. The image of Stitch Presley.

:: Michael Nyiri 3:27:48 PM [+] ::

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