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The images on these pages were scanned into the computer, and edited using Micrografx Picture Publisher. I am trying to preserve the moment in time when I first opened my 1968 annual up at the end of my freshman year. I don’t know if it is quite the same thing nowadays, but in 1968 and 1969, from which RHS Pantheramas these pictrures come, seeing the full page color photos was immensely thrilling, and gave me a sense of “community” richer than I’d ever receirved up till that point. I still cherish High School Memories, and






These are “selected” graduates from 1969 participating in a staged processional right out the doors of the Administration Building sometime after lunch period in February or March. The caps  and gowns were watched over very carefully, and the students could only wear them during the shoot.     MFN 12/8/01


The football team poses with school mascot Patty Panther, aka  Vicki Lewis. This is  a center spread photo which takes up two complete pages of the yearbook, it is the contents page for the Sports Section. The cut runs right along Patty Panther’s left hand, and is digitally sealed in the Picture Publisher program. The photo was “enhanced” in the scanning process by seeing just how sharp I could go with the controls. Years sitting in front of the bigscreen adjusting the movies for maximum effect is pretty much what I am doing with these photos.     MFN 12/8/01




This is an unfinished half of a staged pep rally in Panther Square from 1969. (I really don’t know if these are staged by the way, I was only a freshman, but they staged all Yearbook photos. The world was about to change, but it really hadn’t changed in Rosemead in1969. The photos are “manufactured looks” at the nostalgic years of high school. These were in the days before “open campuses” of the seventies, and the seeming prison yard feel of the campus today. I still have to join this to the other half of the image, and get rid of the moiré effect on the concrete.       MFN 12/8/01



In case anyone stumbles across this page while the unfinished images are up here, I want to see what the page looks like, but I only began this project after an epiphany last night, so want to have at least what I’ve scanned in up and ready on the web, even before I’m finished, then the finished image will make it in this one’s place. Another split photo, this is the right half, there are problems with the moiré (green stripes here) and this hasn’t’ been sharpened or tweaked. Yours truly of course on the extreme right. I still look like that, honestly.       MFN 12/8/01





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