Original filmed entertainment in streaming format for windows media player.

"Someday we will all have our own television stations on the internet" MikeVideo 1999
Since Dec. 2005 I have been using the YouTube service to collect most of my online output. Most of the videos produced since 2005 are on my YouTube Channel..

Direct link to my YouTube Channel

I have a "Director Account" on YouTube, where I have been storing my videos since December 2005.


Undergoing Some "Construction". During 2009, many of the videos I've featured here on the MikeVideo page have had their soundtracks deleted from the YouTube feeds for "copyright infringement." Although I always list copyright information for the songs and tunes I use complete and in mashups on my various MikeVideo internet movies, and have added disclaimers to some of the vids, YouTube sees fit to automatically delete soundtracks instead of just acknowledging that there is copyrighted music involved. On some of the vids, a link will be overlaid on the video with itunes download information. On some of the vids, the soundtrack is just unceremoniously deleted. I have attempted to supply alternate video feeds as substitutions. The terrible thing is that YouTube now has HD capabilities.My Xanga feeds are not in HD. I am uploading some vids to my Vimeo page, and in some cases I am streaming direct from the AllThingsMike servers.My apologies if you click a link and find the soundtrack does not work. The complete Feature Page for the archived video "Moviola Dance" is missing the vids. These were uploaded to Google video and recently they removed them for copyright infringement as well. I will attempt to upload Moviola Dance to either Xanga or Vimeo before long. Also in mid 2009, I had to shut down the original AllThingsMIke site, which was hosted by Homestead, to save money. It was mainly an "archival" site, and most of the content has been reinvented on the AllThingsMike servers since the early part of the century. I am still in the process of removing links to the archived pages where they exist. MFN/mikevideo/11.08.09

NEW A Performance MikeVideo: "Iko Iko"(Rated "G") 10/09.


2min. 10sec

"Iko Iko ": (October 2009) Sometimes I get the urge to sing and dance. Most of 2008 and early 2009 were spent on crutches while wating to have my hip revision operation.The operation was in early June. I was on a walker and then a cane until September, when my doctor told me I could finally walk under my own power. In October of 2009 I created my first dance video in a long time, performed to my own rendition of the Dixie Cups New Orleans themed song "Iko Iko". I double tracked two separate song tracks, overlaid them, and then danced to the song as it played through the computer speakers. I danced a couple of times, and overlaid the two dance tracks during the bridge sequences. Read the DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY on my blog.

A MikeVideo from the vaults: 2002's "Faire Music"(Rated "G") 12/08

4 min. 44 sec (high quality mpg file).

"Faire Music": (2002) I announced the creation of "Renaissance Day" on my very first MikeVideo page on AllThingsMike back in 1999 right after I shot over three hours of footage at the Renaissance Faire that summer. All MikeVideos were mastered on SVHS, and distributed on VHS tape prior to digital media. The Renaissance Day footage was shot on the then new "digital video tape" but it was always planned as a tape. Common folk couldn't master their own DVDs in those days. In fact, back in the days before YouTube, streaming movies on the internet weren't really popular (or easy to create.) As a promotion for the tape, I used video editing software to create "Faire Music". Those of us who braved the waters of early streaming technology found that the idea was delicious,but the resulting images on the computer when streaming (which took forever) looked so hopelessly pixelated that some scenes appeared as if they had been filmed underwater. I was on the forefront of the digital video revolution, but there wasn't really much of an audience. A lot of people just didn't have powerful enough computers or internet connections to be able to watch my first "internet movies", of which "Faire Music" was my third.

HERE IS A LINK to the Internet Archived AllThingsMike webpage from 2002 which annnounces this early version of "Renaissance Day" and has links to small, unsightly realvideo files. (The media links on the archived page don't work) My VHS videos were either half hour or hour shows, so I assumed "Renaissance Day" was going to be at least an hour. (the final internet movie is 20 minutes long, in two roughly 10 minute segments on YouTube)

I shot the footage in this "promotional" 4 min. 44 sec. "Music From the Renaissance Faire" video in 1999. The actual "Renaissance Faire"(2004)was made using footage from both 1999 and 2004 to tell the "story" of the Queen's arrival to a small English countryside town in the Elizabethan era."Faire Music", which on the internet in 2002 was a really shoddy looking "realvideo" file, had almost been forgotten.

However, while looking for video footage on old DVDs recently I found the .avi and .mpg files which look pretty good. I've uploaded the above.mpg file to YouTube. This utilizes some of the same footage as in "Renaissance Day", but the footage here is not edited. (There is a lot of shakycam during the bagpipists' duo.) So you get to see Glenn Morgan's performance in it's entirety.

I didn't even know I had a good copy of this video. Since YouTube allows videos of any type and size now, "Faire Music" can be watched in "high quality" HD. I think it's amazing that one of the first video I streamed from my AllThingsMike servers back in 2002, and I video I almost forgot about, can now be seen and enjoyed in High Definition video. Makes me think that I'm going to have to upload all my higher quality video files to YouTube. I've always regretted that in order to really show the high quality files, like Cultural Blender, on my website, I had to host the file myself, which used to cost a lot higher price than it does now, as bandwidth becomes cheaper and more readily available and computers and internet speeds are faster.

"Renaissance Day" became an internet movie in 2004,and cost me over $500.00 one month in bandwidth overage charges. I had taken it offline by the time YouTube went online and PARTS ONE and TWO have been on YouTube since December 2005.In order to upload the video, I had to chop it in two, and I don't think I ever mastered the avi files into a higher quality wmv or mpg file. I will attempt to upload the complete mpg file of Renaissance Day to YouTube, but I'm almost inspired to re-invent the video and master it in high def. MFN/ppf 12/05/08

NEW "L.A. Dreams"(Rated "G") 11/08


8min. 36 sec (high quality wmv file 3 mbps)

"L.A. Dreams": (2008) A photo/video slideshow showcasing downtown Los Angeles, scored to a mashup of L.A. themed songs and groups. In December of 2006 I published San Diego Dreams on YouTube, and the video is my most popular vid on the service, with over 80 comments. I've been wanting to put together an homage to the city in which I live, L.A., since I only visited San Diego for a weekend. L.A. Dreams is my "video response" to my own San Diego Dreams. Using video footage along with hundreds of photos culled from over four years of photographing the city in earnest, the editing took over two weeks. I want to show that L.A. is a beautiful city, with a mix of different styles of architecture. They say "nobody walks in L.A. Well, this video was taken during many walking tours of downtown.

MikeVideo WhenWordsCollide "Video Blogs"


SPOTLIGHT ON: VideoBlog #8: "Silver Lake Steps" 4/27/08

As part of the Silver Lake Steps Project, Videoblog #8 takes the viewer along with our host on a hiking tour of the historic public staircases in the Silver Lake district. We're there as Mike prepares for the trip, drives the freeways of L.A. to his desitnation, and then we get to come along on hikes up the Music Box, Micheltorena, and Cove steps. Shot on April 26th, 2008, and completely assembled and edited during the rest of the 26th and the morning of the 27th, Mike's Video Blog #8 is original in that it doesn't include any outside music sources. (Except for the "Mike's Video Blog Theme" sung by Mike) Original cut was 17 minutes long and included two more staircases, and a drive up Micheltorena.


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MikeVideo Archives

"Dancin' Fool" from 1991"Dancin' Fool" (1991) An archival MikeVideo from 1991. Mike performs some improvisational dance to the music of Artie Shaw. During the late 80s and early 90s, I frequently turned the camera on myself when performing dance, to music as varied as rock, big band, and rythym and blues. These tapes, originally on VHS, predated the "dance craze" videos on YouTube by almost 20 years. I would simply turn on the record or tape player, the camera, and start dancing. I never used these tapes in MikeVideos, and now that "dance moves' videos are really popular, I dusted this one off from 1991 and posted it on the WhenWordsCollide Video section in March of 2007.

The 42nd Street Dance sequence from "Judy Garland""42nd Street Dance" (1989) This sequence originally was part of a longer video entitled "Judy Garland" and is a beta tape. It was made as an experimental beginning for a series of short "episode" type videos which were about 20 or 30 minutes long. Each "episode" has crosscutting between movie sequences. The first had three different Judy Garland sequences, hence the title. The piece here, from the Warner's musical "42nd Street" with Ruby Keeler performing to the 1989 Paul McCartney tune "Rough Ride" was an early "Moviole Dance". There was also a cartoon on each tape. I finished two of them and began a third.It might be noted that this video was deleted from my YouTube site by Warner Brothers for copyright infringement. 42nd Street was a Warner Brothers Film, and Ruby Keeler was one of the studio's stars. Busby Berkeley directed the film, from 1932.
A short music video"Back To Lomita" (1987)An unfinished video from 1987 provides a musical interlude between Mike and his roommate Jim, singing and strumming "Back to Lomitia", a theme song made up on the fly for the video, parts of which can be sampled in the History of MikeVideo. Someday I might even cobble together scenes from the 6 hours of footage I shot as I and Jim moved "back to Lomita" in 1987 to create the video that never was. In the meantime, enjoy this little musical interlude.


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