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"Selling Sex at the CES" 11/06 RATED "R". Persons under 18 should not view these videos. Contains Nudity, profanity, a sense of humor, and beautiful porn stars.



An early digital version of "Selling Sex at the CES" was online in 2001. "Virtually" " five years in the making", "Selling Sex at the CES" is my latest MikeVideo Internet Movie, completed 11/12/06. It is an R Rated Video, and children under 18 should not be viewing it. Ironically, the original "Selling Sex" is a VHS tape, and even at a half hour long, was never finished. It was edited in the computer, however, before outputting to tape. The original digital elements, including the opening credits and narration, were recently found on an almost discarded CDR. Since I started the digital project after I had begun uploading a lot of my MikeVideo product to my YouTube site, I turned the half hour video into a three part Windows Media presentation. Each section is roughly ten minutes long, and the selection of footage was chosen for each segment, so that Part 1, 2, and 3 could be viewed as one long video or three "separate" smaller "internet videos." The first two parts were uploaded to my YouTube Channel in August 2006, but were removed for inappropriate content. I had some problems rendering Part 3, but all three parts are now high quality Windows Media Files (640 x 480)and can be streamed or downloaded from this page.

The first MikeVideo page went online in 1999, and was one of the original sections of the AllThingsMIke website. I had bought one of the early digital videocameras as a Christmas present for myself in December of 1998. The first "Internet Movies" I announced on the web page were "Nantucket Holiday" (1999), which was mastered on SHVS, and "Renaissance Day", both shot in 1999. "Renaissance Day" didn't become an "internet movie" until 2004. I brought the videocamera along with me to videotape the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2000. Whle at the CES, I also shot two one hour tapes at the Video Software Dealership Convention, a trade show featuring the stars and videomakers of the XXX rated video industry. I had an idea to present a MikeVideo concerning the CES, but the footage shot at the main show proved to bland and uninteresting. The footage of the "pornothon", as I called the XXX Trade Show, turned out to be good. Some of it was better than I had hoped while shooting, barely able to see what I was capturing in the little LCD viewscreen, and quite a lot of the footage was shot with the camera held high above my head, in order to obtain actual content, above the crowd of people, which was prodigious.
I showed the "unedited footage" to my friends. I decided to scrap plans to make a video about the complete convention, and decided to concentrate on the Porn Convention footage. In 2001, I made the VHS version of the video, which included a lot of footage which made it into the finished internet movies. To "announce" the making of the video on my website, I threw together a very short (1 min.39 sec.)"Video Postcard" and uploaded it to the JVC video sharing site. The "Postcard" can be viewed in the player immediately below.


Selling Sex at the CES: Video Postcard ( 2001) Sex sells, and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas every year, all the big porn companies put on quite a show, including a large amount of porn stars and starlets signing autographs and "posing". The "Video Postcard" is intended as a "preview" or "trailer" for the more ambitious video. The first video I actually "streamed" online, it was uploaded to JVC's video sharing site (no longer existing) as soon as I finished it.This was the third video I had completely made in the computer. I even created the "Internet Movies" page on my first website, with links to the "Selling Sex Video Postcard", and "Artviews", a video tour of Pasadena's Huntington Library. In August of 2006 I uploaded the "Video Postcard" for "Selling Sex at the CES" to my YouTube Channel, as an "advertisement" for the ambitious "Selling Sex" internet video, a 30 minute three parter which I intended to upload to YouTube as I created it from the original source tapes for the 2001 VHS tape already existing. This continues to be the most watched of my MikeVideos on my YouTube channel.

It is interesting to note that although the "Postcard" is an MPEG file, almost all of my "internet movies" are Windows Media Files. The "Postcard" was created with MGI VideoWave. The JVC videosharing site was sponsored by "Popcast", an early content streaming website.For a while, I added my videos to the AllThingsMike server, but most of the videos are cirremtly uploaded to YouTube. On the "Internet Movies" page (in 2001) I wrote or "Selling Sex at the CES: Video Postcard": "Although the actual video is rated "R" the internet movie is not, and even though the subject matter is about porn stars, I made sure the internet movie is PG-13, so although it is not exactly "child safe" it isn't pornographic, either."


DOWNLOADS: The best way to see the videos is to download them.Right click on either of the three files listed below and "save target as" to your computer "My Videos" section.The files can be played in your Windows Media Player. If your prefer, the media will stream from this site. Click on the title below and the Windows Media Player will open, and after buffering, which takes roughly 3-5 minutes on faster computers because of the size of the file, the movie will start automatically. These videos are intended to be seen at full screen resolution, and could take a long time to download and/or stream on older computers.

Selling Sex at The CES
Part 1

( 2001/2006) 9.55 Windows Media File
1151 kbps
103 MB

Selling Sex at The CES
Part 2

(2001-2006) 9.58 Windows Media File
1151 kbps
106 MB

Selling Sex at The CES
Part 3

(2001-2006) 8.44 Windows Media File
1676 kbps
103 MB




YANKED FROM YOUTUBE: "Selling Sex" is about porn. It contains footage of women with bare breasts and long legs. The porn starlets at the convention are not supposed to "bare it all", but these being porn starlets, who pose for a living, sometimes it's rather easy to goad them into showing a "bit more" than they are supposed to. "Selling Sex" is a documentary, and is not meant to be purient. People who abhor porn should not watch these videos. Children should not watch these videos.

Since I "publish" all my MikeVideos on YouTube, I wanted to make a splash with "Selling Sex". I'd already posted ambitious internet movies before, but at just over 30 minutes, "Sex" is by far my longest "internet movie". In August, I uploaded the first two segments to YouTube. I knew that a video about "sex" would get lots of hits, and would hopefully drive more visitors to my YouTube channel. The two videos were online for only three weeks. Then I got an email from YouTuve saying that I had violated their terms of agreement. I had been censored on the internet, and YouTube removed both parts of the movie. They didn't remove the "Postcard", which doesn't show nudity. I did self rate both the videos, and of course they are still Rated R. There is actually a snippet of a "hard core" porn video over which one of the titles is overlaid, and when I made the original video in 2001 I contemplated removing it. But it stayed, as did any other nudity in the video. There is also some raunchy commentary, and cursing. I had hoped that YouTube would simply put up their "questionable content" disclaimer, but they just removed the videos. I had already seen "42nd Street Dance" removed at the behest of Warner Brotthers, who didn't like my use of Ruby Keeler dancing to a Paul McCartney tune. YouTube told me that if I violated policy one more time (strike 3) they would shut down my site.

Here are the descriptions for Part 1 and Part 2 as they appeared on YouTube:

Selling Sex at the CES: Part 1
The first part of a re-edited MikeVideo from 2001. A documentary look at the Adult Software Convention in Las Vegas. Lots of sexy porn stars. Warning: some are even naked. Rated R
Tags: sex girls CES Las Vegas porn stars adult video avn mikevideo
Added: August 27, 2006, 05:52 PM
Views: 7,343
Rating: 10 ratings 3-1/2 stars

Selling Sex at the CES: Part 2
A continuation of the multipart MikeVideo "Selling Sex at the CES" Includes inte A continuation of the multipart MikeVideo "Selling Sex at the CES" Includes interviews with Juliana Sterling and Nina Hartley,plus more girls. Rated R
Tags: sex girls CES Las Vegas porn stars adult video avn mikevideo
Added: August 28, 2006, 05:48 AM
Views: 9,742
Rating: 9 ratings 3-1/2 stars


IMAGE GALLERY : Here are some selected images from the MikeVideo "Selling Sex at the CES". The images below are all digital screen captures from the master tapes, captured and output as jpg images through Pinnacle Studio 9. Click on the image to see a full size copy pop up in another browser window.

I regret that I do not know a lot of the performers who appear in front of my camera for the trade show. I covered a lot of ground in the three hours I visited the "Pornothon", and I didn't have a "crew" and didn't take notes. I do still have all of the autographed photos of the girls at the show.

All the image captures were done with my JVC digital videocamera, from 1998. It did not have removable lenses, and the picture quality when converting digital/analog/digital is not as good as my Sony. Still, the images are pretty clear.


"Selling Sex at the CES" Image Gallery: From top left: Rikki Moans, Blonde and Brunette posing, and blonde posing with me. I did not get the names of these performers. Next, I'm mounting Juliana Sterling. A blonde is dressed as a horse, and last is Nina Hartley, now the grande dame of pornography.

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