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The Original "Nantucket Holiday" webpage from 1999 announcing the creation of the VHS MikeVideo.


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"Nantucket Holiday Series " 12/06 RATED "G". This could be called a 'vacation video' but is more like a Travel Channel documentary about the island of Nantucket.


When the very first MikeVideo page went online in 1999, there was a link to the announced MikeVideo entertainment called "Nantucket Holiday".I had already created the VHS videotape, and I "offered" it for sale as a one hour VHS videotape at $29.95. Now, finally, after another six years, I am finally showcasing this early digital MikeVideo in chapters on my YouTube Channel The videos will be available for streaming here on this page as they are created in the computer. So far, I have the first two episodes of what will probably be a five episode "series" online. The content is almost exactly as it appeared on the tape, and although I never added the "whaling songs" introduction to the tape, I do have music on the internet movies. The first song featured is "Whaling Song" by Blackthorn and was downloaded from their website.

Both "Renaissance Day" and "Nantucket Holiday" were announced as my first two internet video projects. "Renaissance Day" finally was finished in 2005. Now, with the nearing completion of "Nantucket Holiday", I will have finished the videos I announced so long ago. Streaming technology hardly existed back in the latter days of the past century, and what did exist, was hardly watchable, as the resolution was so low. Now most of the videos presented through YouTube are rendered at about 50 MB with a 720x480 screen size, which enables a fairly sharp playback in full screen.

"Nantucket Holiday" was fully realized while I was actually taking the vacation. I chose Nantucket Island as a vacation destination mainly because I was corresponding with a potential lovemate from my Internet Lovesearch (documented on the Lovesearch website on the Nantucket pages.) Maxing out one of my credit cards, I purchased a two week stay at a bed and breakfast Inn called the Brass Lantern. I figured I would spend most of the two weeks with my potential lovemate, but as a side project I would create a "vacation video" utilizing my JVC digital videocamera and the JVC SHVS videotape machine, which could be controlled by the camera, allowing me to edit onto VHS directly from the tape in the camera. I shipped my SVHS machine to the inn by UPS and I was prepared to create a masterpiece when I arrived in Nantucket bleary eyed after a red eye flight out of Los Angeles.

Because the relationship with a new girlfriend didn't work out, most of my time on the island was spent with my videocamera. I rented a little scooter to get me around the island of Nantucket, and I shot over three hours of footage on four tapes. Although Maria, who I was to meet on island, didn't make the cut in the original videotape, she does make a short appearance here in Episode Two of the internet video series. During the second week of my stay, I edited the MikeVideo in my room at the Brass Lantern, and I even has to shoot "insert footage" later in the vacation for inclusion in some of the early parts of the presentation where I didn't have some of the shots I wanted. The video came out at just over an hour, and I took the master back home with me, and made dupes for distribution among my friends and workmates. Now, thanks to sites like YouTube, and the fact that video streaming on the internet is becoming ubiquitous, I can now split up the hourlong documentary, and present it as a series of 10 minute "episodes'". I captured three of the tapes into my computer on December 15, 2006 , keyed up the master VHS track so I could watch the editing, and by Sunday afternoon, had already uploaded the first two episodes to the internet.

Nantucket Holiday Episode One: The Calm Before the Storm (1999-2006) The original videotape of "Nantucket Holiday" is slightly over an hour long, and was mastered to SVHS. Using the master as a reference, but going back to the original digital videotape, I am reconstructing the video as a "movie series" of five or more 10 minute episodes. In the first, Mike arrives on island just in time to hear that Hurricane Floyd is fast approaching. The weather was quite windy, and overcast with ominous clouds. I captured some of the doom and gloom of the upcoming storm in the early sequences. The JVC camera was an early digital model, and I am still surprised that it came out before they had even invented firewire or USB for computer connection. It did not have a stabilizer, and although I had been shooting video on Beta and VHS for a decade, the digital "shake" is by far worse than analog ever was, especially when using the zoom funcition, which I tended to overuse in the beginning. Some of the footage is spectacular, and some is less than average. I cut out the zooms where possible, but I am narrating the documentary while shooting, so some of the meandering shots are included because of the commentary. In the long run, especially as I have now had the chance to re edit the entire video, I think that most of my choices were good ones, and the video is not boring, but is rather entertaining and informative. I read a lot of the history of the island, since I've always been a student of history and a sailing buff, before and while on the island. I did not work from a prepared script, but just kept shooting "takes' until I had a usable segment.


Nantucket Holiday Episode Two: Nantucket Architecture and Hurricane Floyd The hurricane is approaching and Mike prepares for the worst, but first tours the area out of town and comments about the singular Nantucket architecture, enforced by building code to insure that all structures on the island look as if they had been built in the 17th centrury. Most of this episode details the "cape cod" housing and is all handheld camerawork. I did edit some of the pans and zooms out of the footage for presentation. Even though the hurricane passed up the island, there is footage of wind in the trees and stormy consequences, which eventually transform into some of the best weather I'd ever seen, and which will be shown in Episode Three.





Nantucket Holiday Episode Three: Brandt Point Light, Steeple Views, Whaler's Homes and Widow's Walks Mike goes out with his ever present video camera the day after the storm misses the island, and videotapes the Brandt Point Lighthouse, a smallish but nonetheless iconic landmark. Next he ventures into the steeple of the Congregational Church, the tallest point on the island, with spectacular views, even though the wind is buffeting like crazy.Next a tour of North Main Street, and a look at some of the mansions that the Whaling Magnates occupied when they weren't at sea, which was most of the time.







IMAGE GALLERY : Here are some selected images from the MikeVideo "Nantucket Holiday". The images below are all digital screen captures from the master tapes, captured and output as jpg images through Pinnacle Studio 9. Click on the image to see a full size copy pop up in another browser window.

This was one of the very first web projects I started, although the movie was mastered to VHS tape back in 1999. Images from the over three hours of footage I shot have showed up all around my website over the past few years. I even have a webshots gallery of Nantucket photos culled from the raw footage.

All the image captures were done with my JVC digital videocamera, from 1999. It did not have removable lenses, and the picture quality when converting digital/analog/digital is not as good as my Sony.

"Nantucket Holiday" Image Gallery: From top left: I prepare for my vacation, posing in the video with my luggage. On the right is the view of the Brandt Point lighthouse from the restored sailing sloop "Endeavor" from the credit sequence of the original tape, which is duplicated in the internet movie series.

From top left: The marina in Nantucket Island. On the right, a view of the Brandt Point lighthouse from the sea.

Left: An antique auto lends authentic charm to Main Street in the town of Nantucket on Nantucket Island. Every day during tourist season hundreds of automobiles drive off the ferry boats and into town. Right: A flower truck delivers early in the morning, driving down the cobblestone streets of town.

Left: Sunset at Madaket Beach, which will show up in the upcoming MikeVideo project, "God's Movie". Right: Looking up into the center of town from the wharf.

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