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"Moviola Dance Series " 05/89 RATED "G".The complete 19 minute movie re edited and in three parts for the internet.


Although most of my current MikeVideos utilize my own photography and videography, originally the idea was to combine my own footage with "found footage" and scenes from movies, television shows and other media. The perfect "MikeVideo" would include many disparate elements, yet upon viewing, seem to coalesce into a "whole experience". Most of the drawbacks inherent in compilng clips lie in the actual obtaining and transfer of the material itself. I'm in the process of modifying my home computer so that it is optimized for video editing foremost, and I recently obtained a 320GB extermal hard drive, so I could record a lot of raw footage from my VHS masters and put together a comprehensive "history" of my early endeavors, and in the process, remake and re-edit some of these raw or unfinished projects to make them palatable for the internet viewing audience.

In 2003, when I created the "new" MikeVideo webpage, which you are reading, I captured one of the musical sequences of my 1989 VHS Video, mastered from laserdisc, called "Moviola Dance". This clip is called "The Roxette Sequence from Moviola Dance" and was one of the first videos uploaded to my in 2005. I now am in the process of reimagining the complete half hour video as "internet movies". There are three segments, each containing three or four of the musical numbers. In 1989, I was collecting laserdiscs, and of all the pre digital video formats, this was by far the superior product, and the CAV version of the discs allowed one to pause, frame advance, "rewind" and otherwise manipulate the moving image. I didn't edit together lots of separate clips, but I chose particular musical numbers, specifically from the 1979 clips compilation film "That's Entertainment", a 1974 MGM feature that essentially traced the musical legacy of the studio. Instead of using the original music, I played replacement soundtracks from a variety of sources, and used the controls on the laserdisc machine to "match" the movement of the dancing on screen with the music.

I finished this endeavor in 1989 and showed it to my workmates and friends on VHS. Now for the first time, the complete video is available online. I am not uploading this particular series of three video segments to YouTube. Warner Brothers caused YouTube to pull my "42nd Street Dance" video for violation of copyright procedures. I can't afford to have the service pull another of my videos, because this time they would shut down the account. So I've stored these vids both on my own server, with downloads of the higher quality wmv files, and on Google Video. Links for the downloads are below. The embedded "chapters" immediately follow.

More recent MikeVideos like "Clowns" and "Betty Boop Dreams" are almost pushing the envelope for what I can accomplish with image manipulation and layering in the digital present. In 1989 I was still using multiple tape recorders to accomplish my goals, and still the results are pretty good. Even though I am using copyrighted material, I acknowledge this fact, and list all source material in the credits. I certainly couldn't indulge my muse without the film libraries of MGM and Turner Entertainment, or the various music conglomerates who hold the copyrights for the music and songs featured in the video. I do not intend for these videos to be sold or otherwise used for profit. They are merely for entertainment and artistic purposes,


Moviola Dance (Part 1) (1989-2007) Part One is just 9:34 and is a windows streaming video file of just over 100MB. The resolution on the download is geater than on this embedded video on Google Video. Some resolution loss is understandable owing to the fact that the source tape is on VHS, which has muddy picture resolution anyway. These are best viewed in the smaller output screens. The downloads available below are suitable for playing full screen. In Part One, 30s, 40s, and 50s MGM film stars Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, Ann Miller and the cast of "West Side Story" dance to musical selections ranging from classical to late 80s pop. This section contains four segments. First, Fred Astaire dances with the hatrack from "Royal Wedding" to the Drifter's 50s song "Save the Last Dance For Me". Next, and also a couple of times in the following two videos,Ann Miller dances with those disembodied instruments in "Small Town Girl". Instead of jazz, however, she hoofs it to the Franz Liszt symphony "Hungarian Dance #6".The next segment was excerpted for a "Mike Video Archives" internet movie in 2004, titled "The Roxette Sequence From Moviola Dance". The number pairs the cast of "West Side Story" from the high school dance sequence to the song "Joyride" by Roxette "Stalin Malone", a jazzy number by Elvis Costello backs Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" for the last scene in this Part.



Moviola Dance (Part 2) The second part of the MikeVideo "Moviola Dance" is 7 minutes long and features another four musical numbers from the vaults of MGM Studios, as collected in "That's Entertainment" and culled from the CAV laserdisc. This Part begins with footage from "Grand Prix" scored to "Harlem Congo" by the great Louis Armstrong A swing tune, "Begin the Beguine" performed by Artie Shaw accompanies Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in "Broadway Melody of 1940". This is the only clip that wasn't "manipulated' with the dial on the laserdisc player. The clip plays at slow speed, and the music matches up quite nicely. The wmv file on this page is flawed somewhat, and hopefully the flaws will be corrected when I master the larger file for download below.(Currently, this version is available, but soon I will add even higher quality files with corrections.) A couple of the music clips are overmodulated (during the recording process on computer) and though I lowered the levels in the computer, the sound is noticibly distorted on the Shaw tune and on "All Men Are Liars" by Nick Lowe, which backs up dancers Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse in "The Bandwagon". Also on the video are Gene Kelly and Jerry the Mouse from "Anchor's Aweigh" and another appearance by Ann Miller and Lizst.The final musical selection is pretty humorous, with Warner Brothers cartoon music from "Porky's Preview" by Carl Stalling serving as the background music for Eleanor Powell in "Rosalie"



Moviola Dance (Part 3 The final segment of "Moviola Dance" features the last musical number from the original VHS video, the closing dance from "Good News" with Peter Lawford and June Allyson, scored to The Beat Farmers singing "Socialite". Ann Miller makes a final appearance. Because the video only had one complete number, I added the number "Harmonize" from the little seen MGM musical "Athena" with Jane Powell. I might overlay some other images later but for now the number is as it was staged, with no manipulation.

This webpage was completely constructed on Sunday, February 4, 2007, and the videos were captured, assembled, and uploaded during the weekend of Feb. 3 and 4. Plans are afoot to add another chapter of the History of MikeVideo series, and to display some version of the 1988 VHS video "The Uncle Mike Story" which is my longest MikeVideo at 90 minutes.

From the credit sequence on the videos: "All "Moviola Movement" accomplished by using a laserdisc player on CAV and manipulating the images in real time to the music, then recording the "performance" on tape. Clips are from "That's Entertainment" from MGM Studios and MGM/UA Home Video. Turner Entertainment. Copyright 1989.

All music and film clips are pirated exclusively by MikeVideo Enterprises"


Below are three links to download the highest resolution versions of the videos to your computer. To download, right click the link, and "save target as" to a folder on your computer. To view without downloading, click on the link, and watch the videos on your Windows Media Player after buffering, whch could take some time on older computers or those with slower internet connections.Feb 5: Eventually the mpeg files will be available for download, but right now I only have the wmv files available. They are clearer than the embedded vids on Google, however.



Moviola Dance
Part 1

( 1989/2007) 9.34 Windows Media File
1.49 Mbps
102.4 MB

Moviola Dance
Part 2

(1989-2007) 7.19 Windows Media File
1.49 Mbps
77.2 MB

Moviola Dance
Part 3

(1989-2007) 6.20 Windows Media File
1.49 Mbps
67.7 MB



IMAGE GALLERY : These image captures are created in the style of old lobby cards used to promote films as far back as silent days. The image contains the logo for both the "MikeVideo VHS Archives" from which "Moviola Dance" was taken, along with the logo from the completed internet movies themselves.

Each capture is an original VHS image from the edited master VHS tape. The source material for all of these was laserdisc. Specifically, the CAV version of the MGM musical montage, "That's Entertainment".

Images from MGM films are copyrighted by the studio and Turner Home Entertainment. Music used in the video are copyrighted somgs and tunes and are listed in the credits as such at the end of the video.


"Moviola Dance" Image Gallery: From top left: I prepare for my vacation, posing in the video with my luggage. On the right is the view of the Brandt Point lighthouse from the restored sailing sloop "Endeavor" from the credit sequence of the original tape, which is duplicated in the internet movie series.

Left: One of the more interesting combinations in Part 2 is the concluding dance in the film xxxxxx scored to a Carl Stalling Warner's Merrie Melodies cartoon soundtrack. Right: Fred Astaire, making the rounds with a hatrack, to the strains of the Drifters' "Save the Last Dance For Me."

Left: Ann Miller struts her stuff in "Small Town Girl", executing her moves in time with Franz Liszt's "Hungarian Dance #6". Right: A shot of the high school dancers in "West Side Story", including Russ Tamblyn, scored to "Joyride" by the band Roxette.

Left:Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in "Meet Me Out at the Ballgame" perform their adapted soft shoe to Elvis Costello's "Stalin Malone". Right" The original image from "West Side Story" used to promote the first internet movie incarnation of "Moviola Dance" shows Rita Moreno kicking up her heels. She and the high school students dance to Roxette's "Joyride".


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