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"Someday we will all have our own television stations on the internet" MikeVideo 1999



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I have a "Director Account" on YouTube, where I have been storing my videos since 2005.



MikeVideo from 2008

"Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind" (Rated "G") 12/08
3 min. 52 sec.

"Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind" (November 2008) My 1980s era "MikeVideos" were either a half hour or an hour in length. Vids "Moviola Dance", from 1989, "Nantucket Holiday", from 1999, and "Selling Sex at the CES", from 2001, originally mastered on SVHS tape, were an hour, and the "internet versions" of these videos are cut up into 10 minute clips. The average "MikeVideo Internet Movie" is around 7-10 minutes in length. That's an opus as far as internet movies go,.the average length of which is around 3-4 minutes. Beginning with "Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind", I am going through my massive 56 tape library of digital "footage" to find short clips which probably will not be featured in my "full size" work. "Squirrel", the first of these "internet mini movies" is only 3 minutes and 52 seconds long, but it isn't a slapdash affair.

I found I had captured footage of squirrels at least five different times during my "photo and video expeditions" over the years. There are four "encounters" in this short vid, with the first shot in Grand Canyon in 2000 and the last shot a few months ago in my front yard. I'd like to make at least one of these a month.

"L.A. Dreams" (Rated "G") 11/08
Take a "walk in L.A." with MikeVideo
8 min. 36 sec.

"L.A. Dreams" (November 2008) A photo/video slideshow showcasing downtown Los Angeles, scored to a mashup of L.A. themed songs and groups.When uploading L.A. Dreams to YouTube, I noticed that I could finally upload the full size 640x480 version instead of having to create another smaller version with less resolution. YouTube offers "Hi Def" now, and although my videos up until now have not been shot in my camera's Hi Definition setting, the higher resolution videos and photo slideshows look a lot clearer even using the YouTube servers. So this could be called my first Hi Def MikeVideo.

In December of 2006 I published San Diego Dreams on YouTube, and the video is my most popular vid on the service, with over 80 comments. I've been wanting to put together an homage to the city in which I live, L.A., since I only visited San Diego for a weekend. L.A. Dreams is my "video response" to my own San Diego Dreams. Using video footage along with hundreds of photos culled from over four years of photographing the city in earnest, the editing took over two weeks. I want to show that L.A. is a beautiful city, with a mix of different styles of architecture. They say "nobody walks in L.A. Well, this video was taken during many walking tours of downtown.

"Renaissance Day 2008" (Rated "R") 06/08
Performances by The Belles of Bedlam, The Poxy Boggards, and Broon the Magician
13 min. 39 sec

"Renaissance Day 2008"(June 2008) Shot on a particularly hot Sunday morning 5-18-08, the video includes complete songs by the Belles of Bedlam and the Poxy Boggards,(whose act is bawdy singing a song with the refrain "Drink Mother Fu*ker") and a comedy routine by Broon, comic magician, juggler and fire eater.Because of the heat, I wasn't able to get around the Faire as much as I had planned, and shot very little footage except at sit down performances. Still, this makes for an entertaining vid, Broon is always funny, and you almost get to see his whole act.

This is the "sequel" to my two part "Renaissance Day" video from 2005.

"Culver City Kustoms " (Rated "G") 05/08

The 2008 "George Barris Back the the 50s Kustom Kar Show gets the MikeVideo treatment.
10 min. 49 sec.
MikeVideo (HQ)

"Culver City Kustoms " (May 2008)A trip to the George Barris "Cruisin Back to the Fifties" 2008 car show. Includes Barris Kustoms the Munster Koach and Kargoyle plus dozens of 1950s-1960s California custom cars displayed at the show.

The MikeVideo Internet Movie, "Culver City Kustoms" was added to Xanga Video and YouTube on the 12th, making this project one of the fastest to get to the internet in both photo and video versions so soon after planning and shooting. I have deleted the link to the YouTube version, which had it's soundtrack removed in 2009. The high quality wmv file was been substituted in November 2009, streaming from this site.

"Cloudscaping"(Rated "G") 03/08
A slideshow featuring many of my cloudscapes, scored to original music by Randy Van Otterloo
6 min. 21 sec.

"Cloudscaping" (March 2008) A slideshow composed of a series of images of cloudscapes, edited to music supplied by Randy Van Otterloo. I've always been fascinated with clouds, and living in Southern California, where the sky is either bright blue or a smoggy haze, finding days with large fluffy cumulus clouds in the sky can be tricky. After each rainfall, beginning in 2004, when I got my latest videocamera, I have "shot the clouds", sometimes driving to a beachside location, and sometimes just shooting outside my back door.

This video showcases a lot of these cloudscape photos, and the accompanying music track is not culled from copyrighted songs or performances. I used original recordings of traditional American folk tunes by guitarist Randy Van Otterloo. The result is a mesmerizing showcase of beautiful cloudscaping.

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