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"Someday we will all have our own television stations on the internet" MikeVideo 1999

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I have a "Director Account" on YouTube, where I have been storing my videos since 2005.



MikeVideo from 2005

"Arbitrimage Dreams " (Rated "G") 10/05
Myriad images recorded over a five year period and mixed to a haunting musical score.
9 min. 44 sec.

Arbitrimage Dreams (October 2005) The most diverse MikeVideo Internet Movie is slightly over 9 minutes long and features a variety of images, strung together in a very interesting way, edited to the flow of almost angelic music supplied by the Bulgarian Women's Radio and Television Choir. Announced in February 2005 on WhenWordsCollide, the creation of "Arbitrimage Dreams stalled when my older computer kept freezing, crashing the famously unstable Pinnacle Video software I use to make the movies. I was able to save the master MPEG files, and when transferred to the new faster computer, I finally put the finishing touches on the movie and am presenting it for the first time. In three days on YouTube, "Arbitrimage Dreams" received over 125 viewings. YouTube removed the soundtrack for "copyright infringement" in 2009 even though I always give copyright credit to the creators of the music on all my videos.

I utilized scenes from all of my digital videotapes, dating back to 1998 when I purchased the first digital videocamera, to find footage which was edited together to make "Arbitrimage Dreams". Every time I go on a photography expedition, since the camera also shoots video, I take some video whenever I can, and what you see in the film is basically moving photography. Plans are afoot for a sequel using new music.

"Renaissance Day" (Rated "PG") 05/05
Travel back to the 16th Century with the MikeVideo "Renaissance Day"
Part One: 9 min. 48 sec. Part Two: 13 min. 45 sec,

"Renaissance Day" (May 2005) became a film after more than four years of promising, on the internet, to create a MikeVideo called "Renaissance Day". The wrap party was held Saturday afternoon, April 23, 2005. I have MPEG files on my computer, and on Video CD. The streaming video is available in the Windows Media format. I used both footage from the first 'Renaissance Day" video, and the last footage I shot in May of 2004 at the last new Faire location.The video is 23 minutes long, and tells the "story" of the Queen's visit to a countryside merchant town sometime in the late 16th century. I planned "Renaissance Day" when I first established the MikeVideo page on AllThingsMike. Now this ambitious undertaking, mixing music, dance, and scenery, horses, bards, and players is complete. The original "internet movie" which was a Realplayer file was six minutes long. The 23 minute "movie" was halved for uploading to YouTube, and regrettably, I didn't save a high quality MPEG file of the film before I removed the avi capture files from my computer. The only files I have are the under 100MB wmv's I uploaded to YouTube. The resolution is not really high, because of the length of the video. I have plans in 2008 to go to the latest RenFair location, shoot more footage, and then recombine the old and new footage into another "internet movie series" of three or four 10 minute "episodes" like I recently did with the hour long "Nantucket Holiday".

"Renaissance Day" as featured on my YouTube channel utilizes footage shot originally in 1999 with the JVC digital camcorder purchased in 1998, and footage shot in April of 2004 with the latest Sony DCR-PC105 camera. Attention was taken to insure that each shot looked "cinematic" and that there was no unneceassary camera movement, pans, or or zooms. In 1999 I created a page of video captures from the original digital tape. Here is a link to the very first page I created on the internet for "Renaissance Day.

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