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"Someday we will all have our own television stations on the internet" MikeVideo 1999



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I have a "Director Account" on YouTube, where I have been storing my videos since 2005.



MikeVideo from 2004

"Painted Desert Dreams " (Rated "G") Summer 04
Journey with me to the Painted Desert in Arizona
5 min. 27sec.

"Painted Desert Dreams" (Summer 2004) With footage shot in the summer of 2000 in Arizona, MikeVideo captures the majesty of the southwest, with a tour of the painted desert edited to an original tune, "Latin-esk" by Jim Zabel and performed by Zed57. The footage sat unused till 2004, however I did create a small internet video in 2000 showcasing some of the shots, and at that time I figured I didn't really have enough good footage. You will notice a lot of transitions in this film, because a lot of the shots are just the camera pointed out the window of a moving truck, so not much that was taken was usable. During editing, I noticed I only touched half of the trip with this video. The other half, including The Petrified Forest and The Grand Canyon, will be showcased in the sequel, "Painted Desert Dreams II: The Grand Canyon" which hopefully I'll create sometime in the future..

"Beach Dreams " (Rated "G") 04/04
"Beach Dreams", one of the first internet movies
4 min. 0 sec.

Beach Dreams (March 2004) A day at the beach with MikeVideo. Shot during a particularly sunny weekend in early spring at Huntington , Seal, and Cabrillo Beaches in the South Bay, the images are edited to the beat of "Mr. Moto" an old surf tune performed by Zed57."Beach Dreams" is the first video shot with my Sony digital videocamera, purchased new the month I made this video. Actually, this is "Beach Dreams 2" There was another, shorter "Beach Dreams" shot on an overcast day at Cabrillo Beach. I scrapped all of that footage, went back when the sun was brighter, and shot the Cabrillo footage which is in the present video.This and "Painted Desert Dreams" were originally streamed from this website, and then the files had to be deleted because of bandwidth limitations. I put them back online on my YouTube Channel in 2006.

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