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In the decade of the Sixties I wrote 12 poems.

I am thirteen years old when I begin writing comedic verse for my classmates' joy in eighth grade. Some of these were lost. I included what small number I salvaged with my first serious collection in 1971. The poems here represent no emotional force that I know of, however the very first verse, "A Chlorophyll Filled Death" was rewritten in 1971 as one of the "Depression" series of poems.
I am now fourteen, entering high school. I still remember writing "The Leprechaun" even now, twelve years later.
As I turn fifteen, and experience the end of a very turbulent decade, I write "The Pedestal". I begin to think I shall continue writing poetry more seriously in the future.

MFN from the 1980 introduction

Michael F. Nyiri

The List

A Chlorophyll Filled Death 1967 newly posted 5/22/04
The Breath of Unreality 1967 newly posted 5/22/04
A Prophecy of the Multitude 1967 newly posted 5/22/04
Goblins and Goon 1967 newly posted 5/22/04
The Waterfall 1967 newly posted 5/22/04
Election Year 1967 newly posted 5/22/04

The Leprechaun 1968 newly posted 5/22/04
The Bird, He Lost His Wings 1968 newly posted 5/22/04
I'm a Rock 1968
No Milk Today 1968

The Pedestal, An Ode to Love and Beauty 1969 newly posted 5/22/04
Lunar Trip 1969 newly posted 5/22/04







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