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These are the poems written in the decade of the seventies. This is the first decade in which the poet becomes relatively artistic. From the musings of 1971 through the death of his father and mother, and the death of countless forlorn loves, the poet finds his voice, and "screams with no meanings" to the assembled masses.

In the seventies, the poet is profoundly prolific, and in no other decade will his output equal what he was able to produce in his youth. He finds love, gains freedom from parental control, and feels the satisfaction from seeing the fruition of a raging creative force. Then, as college and the "real world", his employment as a department head in the retail establishment collide head-on, and as the decade itself oozes into the self hedonism of the times, he finds more questions than ever to answer. Yet he feels strangely unhappy and misconnected, especially after his father's and his mother's deaths.

Now (2004) as the poet looks back from a completely different perspective, he finds the poems somewhat naive yet prescient, wonderfully open yet narrow minded. The poet finds yearning, knowledge, and openness unknown in any age thereafter. These are the artistic years. The following decades will do nothing but repeat them.

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