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In 1978 I wrote 67poems.

 The Poetry of 1978: I wrote profusely. I wrote sixty poems for Cathy D. I never loved anyone as much as I loved her, and only now can I truthfully say the love has subsided. For an analysis of the relationshipsee "Why I Cry" the introduction to the (few) poems of 1979. I think I shall never cry again.
MFN from the 1980 introduction

Michael F. Nyiri

The List

The Universal Mind (meets Ruth in a phonebooth) 1/4/78
Children 2/2/78
The Intellectual Responds 3/21/78
Uplift Imagery 3/21/78
Lonlivision 3/21/78

Water on the Brain 3/21/78

Untitled X 4/2/78

A Song to Sing Out Loud 4/2/78

Thank You for You 4/2/78
Words In Limbo 4/8/78
Not To Fall In Love With You 4/12/78

Spring Fever Once Again (for the first time) 4/21/78

Another Morning Again 4/25/78

Puzzle 4/25/78
Lose A Turn 4/25/78 Celebration 5/1/78
Open the Drawer 5/1/78

Lyrical Nostalgia and Foolish Nonsense 5/1/78 posted 3/12/04
Three Stanzas 5/2/78

Drown My Love (in beer) 5/2/78

One More For You 5/8/78

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning 5/10/78
Cathy 5/11/78
Cathy (poem 2) 5/15/78

Touching Is Touching (Come Touch All the People) 5/15/78

The Great Battle Twixt Mind and Heart Rages On 5/18/78

Fifteen to Twelve 5/19/78

FullMoon 5/21/78

This Didn't Happen 5/25/78

Simple Love Poem (dedicated to CJD) 5/31/78

The Last Beer 6/7/78

Bon Voyage (to Destiny) 6/7/78

Three Weeks Hence (Watch Me Chase the Shadows) 6/10/78

Exclusions in Thought, Conclusions of Shame 6/21/78

Exhausted Pleadings to the End 6/21/78

Phase Thirty 6/21/78

Longshot 6/30/78

Losing the Game 6/30/78

What Happens Now?? 7/9/78

the land of poetry 7/9/78
he Universal Mind Persuades the Earth to Move 7/21/78

The Language to Win You (has never been written) 7/21/78 posted 3/12/04
MindTorture 7/29/78 posted 3/12/04
Slipstream (to the nymph) 7/29/78 posted 10/15/05
The Truth Will Out 7/30/78 posted 10/15/05
Untitled XI 8/17/78 posted 3/12/04
Night After Night 8/23/78 posted 10/15/05
I'm Not Mad 8/25/78 posted 10/15/05
Fragmentary Elation 8/31/78 posted 10/15/05
Solitaire 9/18/78 posted 3/12/04
Secrets 9/26/78
A Personal Note 9/29/78

No Care - Except that You're Not There 10/2/78 newly posted 01/01/06
Another Last Love Poem 10/5/78 newly posted 01/01/06
Where We Never Should Have Been 10/23/78 newly posted 01/01/06
To Hold You Once Again 10/23/78 newly posted 01/01/06
The Sensitive Poet 10/23/78 newly posted 01/01/06
A Sad Song 10/23/78 posted 10/15/05
Untitled XII 10/23/78
Thanksgiving Thoughts 11/23/78
A Thanksgiving Prayer 1978 11/23/78 newly posted 01/01/06
Mended Still Screaming 12/20/78
A Portrait 12/20/78
Themes 12/20/78
Talk to Me 12/20/78
The Christmas Dream 12/24/78 newly posted 01/01/06
What More to Say 12/24/78 newly posted 01/01/06






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