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These are the poems from the Nineties. The early part of the decade still saw poems written on pieces of paper. The latter part of the decade, with the establisment of the website, saw each poem being written in cyberspace. I wrote the following in 2000:

The eighties were a time of rebirth and re-invention, but in the nineties I thought I had found love. The earlier poetry always seemed to deal with pain and doubt, and when I met Pat in 1991 I thought that the poetry would indeed attain the kind of themes with which I had always dreamed it would.
But alas, the poetry became my refuge to the pain and terror I experienced when I realized I had fallen too quickly into a relationship which was just not going to work.

The Pat Poems are my group of poems dedicated to Pat. I call her "the wild horse" whom I could never tame. I am still a "long distance" friend, and I will never stop the love in my heart for her, but some of the bleakest poems yet are those I wrote for the relationship we shared. Most of the Pat Poems were written in 1992.
MFN Lomita, 6/4/00 updated 01/17/04

The links are slowly arriving for this decade. I just put up a lot of poems from 1992, including some which were already on Homestead and some entirely new transcriptions. I'm working on 1993, 1994 and 1995 as well and have selected poems online. The index pages for the years mentioned should be online by the end of the day. MFN 1/17/04 10:49 am.

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