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In 1993 I wrote 12 poems

This particular year stands out as a year where I at least produced, even while living with Pat and not feeling particularly inspired or inspirational, the fact that I was turning a decade again at 40 made me a little more profuound. The poetry is mixed between dire feelings for our relationship, and some of the playfulness and philosophical questioning for which my work has always been known. "Living in the House of Pain" is the only mention I make in poetry about my hip replacement, which occured during the year.

MFN 1/18/04

Michael F. Nyiri

Poem for the New Year 1993 3-13-93
Poetical Suicide 3-13-93
Holding on to the Half-Empty Glass of Water 4-4-93
Forty Part One 4-4-93
Walks Away Blues 6-5-93
Pat, I'll Wait 6-5-93
Nearly Twenty Years After the Last Love Songs 9-20-93
Separate Rooms 9-20-93
Living in the House of Pain 9-20-93
Marooned at Home 11-10-93
Past Poems and Pleadings 11-10-93
Untitled 11-10-93









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