May 30, 1992 11:30 p.m. poetry by Michael F. Nyiri


It used to be easy, my life
I used to be in control.
I would yearn for perfect companionship
While all the while remaining lonely
I said I was happy
And then said I was sad in my poetry

Now it's not so easy my life
I found companionship
But it was too late for me
And I don't know how to
treat a relationship with a woman

I thought I was so smart once.
I thought I knew everything!
about women,
When I only dreamed about them.

Then I found a woman who
Could only be called perfect

A "perfect companion"

She's formed her life from the
ashes and she stands tall

She opened her door and let me in

But I'm too stupid and naive.
And can't make her happy
Because I'm still too selfish
Please God help me to change
Because I fear it's too late


copyright 1999-2008 by Michael F. Nyiri