April 17, 1992 11:45 a.m. poetry by Michael F. Nyiri

"Standing Pat"

I must admit I don't know what I want
I only know I want you as a part
Of my lost life.

I don't think you really know what you want
I can only hope I can be a part of you.

You told me to just accept you
But acceptance sometimes comes hard
to me.

I want to hold you, touch you
Become one with you
But maybe that's not what you want
after all.

We're two lonely souls in search of love
We're two stubborn people with no clue
I'll stand pat and miss you
And hope to make a brand new start.

But I find it hard to act
and react correctly right now.

We'll have to give each other
another chance,
And I'll be waiting to enter
your life again.

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copyright 1999-2004 by Michael F. Nyiri