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In 1990 I wrote 4 poems

My one stab at romance in 1990 was with a girl in Las Vegas whom I courted over the phone, where she represented a vendor I did business with at work. I visited her once in Vegas, and wrote a few anticipatory poems prior to the visit. It didn't go too well, I don't think we really clicked, but the short span of inspiration in 1990 occured much because of this small attempt at coupling. That said, "The Girl in Dreams" is one of my favorite pieces. I love the title "Kismet's Holiday" but sadly, the poem isn't very good.


Michael F. Nyiri

The Girl In Dreams 8-24-90
Poem for Allyssa 8-20-90 posted 2/08/04 
Unseen Memory 8-26-90
Kismet's Holiday 9-3-90








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