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In 1984 I wrote 19 poems.

1984 was a watershed year for me. Not only did the Olympics come to LA (I watched on TV like everyone else) but the year of George Orwell's novel had finally arrived. I was filled with creative urges. 1984 was not as poetic as the previous year, but some of the work stands as some of my favorites at least, tinged with pathos and humor. The last poem written this year was the last written for a long time.

Michael F. Nyiri

The List

Why I'm not smiling 1-4-84
Diary: my poem 1-15-84 posted 2/06/04
Song From the Happenstance Hymnal 1-16-84
Computer Dreams I 3-5-84 posted 2/06/04
Poem for the New Year 1984 3-5-84 posted 2/08/04
LifeScenarios 3-5-84 newly posted 8/14/05
House of Pain 3-8-84 newly posted 8/14/05
Computer Dreams II 3-8-84 newly posted 8/14/05
A Small Warm Cynical Verse 3-8-84 newly posted 8/14/05
Geology Lesson 4-24-84 newly posted 8/14/05
Bus People Ballet 4-24-84 newly posted 8/14/05
Purposeless Verse 4-24-84 newly posted 8/14/05
Many Mixed Metaphors 5-21-84 newly posted 8/14/05
Piston Love 5-21-84 posted 2/06/04
Yearning Learning 5-21-84
T. A. S. (teen age suicide) 5-21-84 posted 2/06/04
Lunchtime II 5-21-84
More Verses From "The Happenstance Hymnal" 5-21-84







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