January 1, 1983 7:30 p.m. Poetry by Michael F. Nyiri

Symphony for One

Hey girl, come on along,
Jump on the wagon feed the dragon
sing the song.
The melody might be different
But the words sure sound the same
I may look different
Don't sound different
Call my name.

If you can see through magic
If you can walk on air
My love for you's not static
There's a certain feeling there
A movement for piano
A string quartet for two
You can be my music
Let me play a song or two.

Hey friends, come on along
Kick off your shoes you paid your dues
join in the song.
Arrangements may be haughty
But the words sure sound alike
We've shed all sorrow
Look towards tomorrow
and the like.

Hey today, I'm ecstatic
Sing out the news express my views
may be erratic
You might just be the answer
Though I only see you through a veil
Do you in fact exist
A dancer in the mist
what a tale.

If a future can frown at a lifetime
And a past close its back door to me
I will love you for now and the meantime
I will feel your genteel ecstasy
A poem for the moment
Well versed in love's harmony
Prove to me no illusion
Open your arms to me.

Hey sweetheart, come on along
Jump on the wagon feed the dragon
hear my song
Your face might be just so different
But my dreams remain the same
I may be different
But I don't sound different
call my name.


copyright 1999-2004 by Michael F. Nyiri
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