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In 1983 I wrote 35poems.

I began to be prolific once more. Out of the poetry slumps, and into some of my best work. Beginning with "Symphony For One", and including "State of Mind" my sarcastic bent and poetic soul merged for one fantastic year, yielding in retrospect some of my best work. I believe I matured in 1983, nearing my third decade on the planet. I worked for Gemco in 1983, and the girl in my life was Leslie, a hostess at one of my frequent restaurants.

Michael F. Nyiri

The List

Symphony for One 1-1-83
Lesson in Communication 1-20-83 newly posted 11/30/08
State of Mind 2-7-83
Rock and Roll Right Into the Wall 2-7-83
Credit Roll Blues 2-7-83
Passion Play 2-7-83
Yet Another Poem About Writing Poetry 2-20-83
Nonsmoker's Lament 3-13-83
Esoteric Underpinnings 3-13-83 newly posted 11/30/08
For You Whoever You Are Again 3-13-83 newly posted 11/30/08
Sublime Shortcomings 3-30-83 newly posted 11/30/08
What Are Words But A Hindrance to Conversation Essay III 3-30-83 newly posted 11/30/08
Sober Sarcasm 3-30-83
A Few Words 4-3-83 newly posted 11/30/08
Easter Basket '83 4-3-83
The "Not You Conspiracy" 4-3-83
feel a cry 4-28-83
Words Don't Wail Me Now 5-9-83 newly posted 11/30/08
Standing in Quicksand 6-11-83
Handing Down Ma's Waking Pains 6-11-83 newly posted 11/30/08
Newspeak 7-21-83 newly posted 11/30/08
A Turn at Urgency 7-21-83
Whittle Away a While 7-21-83 newly posted 11/30/08
Afternoon Tipsy 8-2-83
Optimistic Pessimism 8-25-83
Sapling 8-25-83
Scream With No Meanings 8-25-83
APB for the Angel of Friendship 8-25-83
Untitled -undated
Rain Prattle 11-11-83
Significa 11-11-83
Urgent Please 11-11-83
My Rules- You Lose 11-24-83
57 Words of Love 12-5-83





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