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In 1982 I wrote 17 poems.

I can remember distinctly the two orgasms of creativity which fathered most of the output for the year. In March and again in December, irate at myself for my lack of output, forced myself to create poem cycles. Although I rarely have completed more than one poem in any given time for years, in the seventies and eighties I could compose effortlessly. I call these periods when "words spill out of me like a can of alphabet soup" exercises in "Spontaneous Poetry". Some of these "forced efforts" are good and some are not.

Michael F. Nyiri

The List

Leaves of Paper 3-5-82
2 Untitled 3-5-82
For JimZ 3-5-82
Poem for the New Year 1982 3-5-82
Twentynine 4-30-82
Walls 5-5-82
Biteswhip Elegy 12-27-82
Untitled 12-27-82
Don't Need the Hassle 12-27-82
Crosswords I 12-27-82
Poem for the New Year 1983 12-30-82
Brushstrokes 12-30-82
Game Over Insert Quarter 12-30-82
All Those Feelings Felt Like Falling Down 12-31-82
Thoughts 12-31-82
Quiet Quarrel 12-31-82





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