Thursday, May 28, 1981 12:00 noon Poetry by Michael F. Nyiri

Poetry Returns

I'm sitting at my table basking in the
undying glory that all of a sudden
I do not seem stifled and words
are coming out - maybe the wrong
ones - maybe they don't make sense
yet - but I feel like maybe
all the unfettered poetic sense in
me shall ejaculate all over
the printed page and I finally
feel at rest - The Creator is


I hear the unmistakable sound of
a Vdub and sure enough you pull
up outside and I see you
and for me
that's enough

I could wave
I could say hi

but I don't want to
I want you to know that just
me sensing your presence
caused my heart to race a
little faster.
And now as you read this
you might be able to
read my feelings as I'm writing.

You are out of the car, upstairs,
downstairs, back in a moment.
I don't catch your eye.

And I feel
all of a sudden
I don't need to.

For me that's a positive feeling
for me Poetry is a positive feeling.

You showed me a little book
On a printed page I read

"It is much easier to ride a
horse in the direction he's going."

I understand that
I try to do that
I've succeeded and I hope the
horse succeeds with me.

"Try" is not a bad word
One should never feel one has
accomplished all there is to accomplish

There are always new days ahead
And new pages in life's little
book to be turned.

We are the answers to our
We only need to communicate our fears.


copyright 1999-2008 by Michael F. Nyiri