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In 1980 I wrote 11 poems.

The last entry in the 1980 volume, which came after the prolific seventies, is below. Apt that in 1980 I wrote my least amount of poems in one year.

Now I am at the present, 27 years old in May. I'm going bald. My poetic sense is gone almost altogether. Inspiration? Where art thou?? I've got to keep the smile on. I'll survive. I always do. I'm happy with my life- and I'm never going to cry. Love? Where are the love poems? I'm young yet--- they'll come. I thought for sure my end was coming last year. The urge was very strong for me to plunge that knife all the way in. And Christ, maybe someday I will. But not yet. There's more poems in me.......Somewhere
MFN from the 1980 introduction

Michael F. Nyiri

The List

The End of Sanity 1-27-80
Poem for the New Year 1980 2-28-80
Rollercoaster to Hell 3-7-80
Beauty in Chains 3-7-80
The Same Poem With Different Words 3-7-80
Unhummed Tune 3-13-80
Divided Inspiration Coupled 3-30-80
Untitled 4-20-80
Untitled 4-20-80 (2)
The Band Together 7-6-80
Missed Moonlight Kiss 8-21-80






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