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The poetry of the current decade is slowly being written. This page will take you to the older, wiser, more repetitive poetry of the present. I have included the entries below from the various diary posts on the Homestead server. In 1999 and beyond, the poems were entered as "graphic intensive" , and some included music. Soon I noticed that this took up lots of memory, and crashed some computers, so I changed my design to mainly incorporate text only pages. The links to the graphics laden original instances of each poem are included on each individual poetry page.

2/21/05 The year 2004 will be remembered as a banner year for poetry, and as I begin 2005, I feel more resurgent inspiration will carry the poet through another year. The early part of the century did not yield much fruit of circumstance, but a slow build has finally begun to get up steam.

7/13/03 It hasn't been very "poetic" this last week, yet I felt an urge after visiting other parts of the website to at least update a "Page of Poems for 2003" now that the year's half over.
Also I felt suffiiciently bad about a certain "incident" at work (one of my rules about my website is never to mention work so I won't anymore) which again teaches me that I know nothing in the scheme of things, and can't even begin to guess what is on people's minds, even though I've known them for years. The poem for the new year, "Evolution and History" which marked a great start, fizzled to nothing, and as of today, with two poems written, I think I have a grand total of three, or maybe four, if I can find it, poems for the year. A guestbook entry read: "don't stop writing". I don't. The words just don't seem to flow as they once did, and the creativity I felt when first fashioning the website doesn't flow so quickly either. Well, anyway, here is a post form this year, and perhaps 2003 was just a long time coming.

5/05/02 Well, I'm writing this almost a year later, not much poetry, but what I'm creating, is, at least, I think, worthwhile. For now the links are below for the total output of poems for 2002, that's right, three poems. So far, an anemic output even for one of my anemic years. The song cycle will be composed real soon, if not this weekend.

5/27/01 Well, I'm writing this on May 27th, 2001. Memorial Day. And this is my memorial to the poetry of the first decade of the 21st century. I always wanted to call this decade "The Zips", but didn't want to put that on a serious website showcasing my poetry.
I wrote a few poems in 2000, but neglected to even write a "poem for the new millennium", for 2001. I get a great thrill out of posting my poems on the web. This is the publishing dream I had since I first sent some of my poems to the Atlantic Monthly and Harper's Bazaar back in 1971. (They were rejected, natch.) Well, this is the main page to the "poetry of the aughts."
It will serve as the launching point for all poems until the decade wears on, and I write tons of poems, which shall have to be dealt their own years like on other parts of the website.
MFN 5/27/01

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