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In 2008 I wrote 15 poems
"Poem For the New Year 2008" 1/09/08
"Another Depressing Valentine's Poem" 2/14/08 "Alphabet Soup" 2/26/08 "Not at All What Seeming Shadows Predict" 2/26/08 "Stigmata" 3/05/08 "Hajj" 3/05/08 "Universal Soliloquy" 3/05/08 "Let Freedom Ring" 3/05/08 "Bloggerel" 7/10/08
"The Cancerboy Diaries: Entry the Ninth" 7/10/08 "The Cancerboy Diaries: Entry the 10th" 7/15/08 "Time and Life" 8/12/08 "Feline Forgetfulness" 8/12/08 "Another Turn of the Page" 8/12/08 "Overused Verbiage" 8/28/08 "Interrupted Journey" 10/17/08








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