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In 2004 I wrote 58 poems

"Disaster:A Reality Show" 1-17-04
"Whimsical Reverie" The poem for the new year 2004" 1-20-04
"The Website" 1/22/04
"Conversations With thought in Reality Do Not Exist" 1-27-04
"Religion and Dogma: The Outline for Existence" 1-29-04

"Valentestimonial" 2-4-04
"Compromise" 2-13-04
"The Inner Peace" 2-13-04
"Marathon Memory" 2-13-04
"Irrespective Interlude" 2-13-04
"Inspiration" 2-13-04
"I Read the News Today Oboy" 2-13-04

"Hopeful" 2-13-04
"The Roommate" 2-13-04
"Valentune Part II" 2-13-04
"Typewriter With Pictures" 2-22-04
"To Anyone Reading My Diary Tonight" 2-22-04
"Allosteration" 3-1-04
"?Success Fails and Failure Succeeds?" 3-1-04
"Suicidal Tendencies" 3-9-04
"Por Que?: We are All on Those Trains: Atocha 3/11" 3-13-04
"The First Day of Spring" 3-21-04

"Where Jesus Walks" 4-5-04
"Manic Depressions In an Otherwise Stable Existence" 4-9-04
"First Year" 5-1-04
"Wisdom Deterioration" 5-1-04
"Maypole Dance" 5-1-04
"Rainbow Dreams" 5-10-04
"Another Vietnam" 5-22-04
"Insomniac Hours" 5-24-04
When 'Dog' Left This Existence" 5-24-04
"Pendulum Swing Back Again, and the
Questions Burn Deep in My Soul"
"Not Superman" 6-9-04
"The Cancerboy Diaries: Entry the 1st" 6-12-04
"Stifling Stupor" 6-12-04
"Hourly Reflection" 6-12-04
"Under God" 6-14-04
"Sweet Kimberly's Smile" 6-21-04

"Questioning Depression Couplets" 7-21-04

"Questioning Depression Free Verse" 7-21-04

"Inspiring Attitude" 7-14-04
"Beauteous Destruction" 7-20-04
"No Vacancy in the House of Pain" 7-28-04
"Summer's End: A Freeform Elegy" 8-14-04
"The Cancerboy Diaries: Entry the 2nd" 8-31-04
"TGIFexistence" 9-17-04
"Blender" 9-17-04
"Elegy for the Girl in Dreams" 9-17-04
"the dust of time" 9-21-04
"Dancing Through the Night" 10-22-04
"Sometime" 10-26-04
"Uncertain (Future) History" 11-04-04
"Yellow Ribbons" 11-05-04

"Thanksgiving Prayer 2004" 11-23-04
"Psalms to a Different God" 12-2-04
"The Cancerboy Diaries Entry the 3rd" 12-3-04
Christmas Spiritual 12-21-04






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