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Hajime Sorayama is to be credited for all the images of female robots which grace the logo cards and navigation bar on this website. The pinup art of Sorayama is delicious and erotic, blending the soft contours of the female form with the industrialized shiny metal "skin" of the humanoid "androd". Sorayama's "real women" pinups are sexy, provacative, and seem "real to the touch". The robots, and combinations of the two, are shiny, glistening, and sleekly sexy. I am featuring some of the full size images from this page. The thumbnail images can be clicked, whereupon the full size images will open in another browser window. Sorayama has an "official website" but most all of the images on this page were taken from the Swedish University Network Sorayama image links page.

BE WARNED: These images of the female form, both real and robotic, were created in the interest of artistic expression, and are not intended as purient or immoral images. Because of the sexual nature of almost all of these images, which were copy/pasted in their entirety from a University art website, the thumbnails on this page have been edited as "cleanly" as possible, given that the subjects are almost totally naked women, and when the thumbnail image is clicked, the full size naked woman will open in all her resilient glory on your computer monitor.

It would be wise not to be reading this page, or clicking these images, while at work, or if you are a minor without your parent's consent. That said, the artwork of Sorayama is solidly grounded in the "Art of the Pinup", which has been around for ages. Some more of Sorayama's pinups can be found in the section devoted to him in The Pin Up Files Website.

More Images to come. Click on the thumbnail image above to open the full size image in another browser window. All images were drawn by Sorayama. M.Nyiri supplied some of the effects and borders.



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