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The Breck Girl was an identifiable icon from the '30's through the '70's. (104,782 bytes) Joan smokes just like everybody else in America. Choose your brand. (41,222 bytes) The Personal Computer got it's start with this Take two and don't bother to call. These will cure you. Take my word. (134,062 bytes) If you get tired of your cats, just feed em to your plants! (58,613 bytes)
10-2-4. The three times of the day to fill your stomach with carbonated prune juice. (29,241 bytes) Don't smear the milk mustache. A doctored Milk ad. This ad campaign is still going strong. (23,126 bytes) Before there was an airport in every city, some people took the bus for travel, especially women archers. (78,197 bytes) I dreamed I was half naked in my underwear. A recurring motif in clothing ads are half naked people. (42,131 bytes)
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