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Advertising has always been with us in, but during the decade of the fifties, as I was growing up, the "business of Advertising" really took off. America, back from the World Wars, switched from War Production to Consumer production almost overnight, and a lot of returning soldiers had a lot of back pay to spend. Lots of Companies wanted to sell those soldiers anything they wanted, and when competing companies took their Consumer battle to the nation's magazines and radio programs, some very singular art and iconography was created. The Cultural Blender began spinning faster and faster in the fifties. By the sixties, and the years of "planned obsolescence", when the car fins started resembling less the air force P-51's which inspired them, and more like the fins of rocket ships, the shapes and styles of the automobile changed yearly, and those old soldiers were expected not only to buy a new car every year, but to "trade up." Advertising images, like all the images in the cultural blender, seem to blend and bend, to tease the brain into memories of past ad campaigns which perhaps never existed. I hereby present the images of Advertising in the Cultural Blender. First I shall put up the original ads, and in time the composites will arrive.


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