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"Betty At the Opry" : 12/15/08

"BettyAt the Opry" uses a masked image from one of the Betty Boop Collector Plates, composited with the stage of the Grand Ol Opry from a photograph obtained using a web search.

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"Hollywood Betty Boop" : 12/15/08

This new composite uses Betty from one of the collector plates, mixed with cloned papparazzi, and a background utilizing one of my Hollywood Blvd. photos. The building on the right had to have another building's facade composited into the image, and the word "Hollywood" is actually a photograph of the real sign, used as a graphic.


"Betty with Classic Auto" 12/13/08

This composite uses three separete images. There is Betty, which is a porcelain doll, newly photographed with the 7.2 megapixel camera. Then the auto is from the Culver City Kustoms series. The background is from a photo I shot in downtown Los Angeles on Broadway Street, sized to fit the image.The dress was colorized, because this is the same Betty doll as in the image below, shot from a different angle.



Composite art using Danbury Mint collectibles and my photos

Composite Artwork

Video captures form the VHS complete collection of Cartoons

Images from the Cartoons

Copy/pasted images used in composites

Images from the Web

Photos of my Danbury Mint and other Boop collectibles

The Boop Museum

The Boop Museum Part 2

The Betty Boop Pages website has been online since 1999. The bulk of the original site was completed in 2001, and was hosted by Homestead. While online, the Homestead site was the most popular website in the AllThingsMike Universe. The current site was constructed in 2005.

The Betty Boop Pages were never meant to be a history of the Fleischer Brothers cartoons or of the iconic Betty Boop herself.. There are already a plethroa of sites on the internet which serve that purpose.

This site was, and is still, a showcase for my composite art featuring Betty Boop. I sporadically attempt to "expand the collection", and to concentrate again of Miss Betty Boop and her charms.

After initially constructing this version of the site in 2005, I didn't visit the pages again until January 2006, when I created the "Betty Boop Dreams" video which streams from my YouTube site.

Again in June 2007 I created yet another Betty Boop MikeVideo Internet Movie called "Betty Boop". Both the videos stream from this page. They were the "featured" items at the top of the page for a long time.

As I go through my websites in preparation for the 10th anniversary of AllThingsMike, in May of 2009, I have revisited The Betty Boop Pages, and have created over 50 individual composite presentation pages. The Composite Art and the Images From the Web sections have been updated. Thumbnails of pretty much every Betty Boop composite I've created over the past 10 or so years are included on the section pages, and when clicked, bring the viewer to the individual page containing the artwork. Each individual page has "Back" and "Next" buttons for easy viewing.

On top of all this, I've created over a dozen new artworks, using new photography of my Danbury Mint collectibles, taken with my 7.2 megapixel camera, and using high quality photos of mine for the backgrounds. Some of the new images can be seen here on the index page.

The final tweak to The Betty Boop Pages is the addition of a "comments" page so that viewers may respond to the art.

MFN 12/16/08 5:30 a.m. pdt

"Betty in the City" 12/12/08

This image of Betty Boop is the same doll as in the composite above this one. The background is Pershing Square in downtown L.A.


"Soda Shoppe Betty" 12/11/08

The image of Betty is from one of the small Danbury Mint figurines, composited into a soda shoppe photo taken from the internet. The jukebox and Coca Cola logo are overlaid on top of this. There is also a little Cultural Blender on the bar.

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"Betty Boop" : MikeVideo internet movie created 06/10/07 by Michael F. Nyiri highlighting the original Betty Boop cartoons from the Fleischer Brothers studios in the early 1930s.

"Betty Boop" (10:00 min.) is a 36.1 megabyte windows media file with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. It is a MikeVideo Internet Movie created Sunday, June 10, 2007. It is a compliation video showcasing selections from the original Betty Boop cartoons from the decade of the thirties. Consisting of different scenes from roughly twenty Betty Boop catoons made from 1932 to 1934, I have included scenes which showcase the virtuosity of the Fleischer Brothers Studio product of the time, with stunning surrealistic animation, and "special effects' including the rotoscoping of dancing figures. Betty's risque sense of humor, the tendency for her to get herself in trouble, and lose her clothes, and her evocative singing voice are all sampled in the selection utilized for inclusion. I contemplated adding more elaborate editing and transition effects, but opted for a more straightforward presentation of the black and white cartoons themselves, with little "embellishment". The Fleischer's had their own indelible "stamp", 180 degrees away from Disney. While Disney was content to make "children's cartoons", the Fleischers created humorous, satirical adult cartoons with quite a bit of sexual innuendo and imagery.
This marks the first major addition to "The Betty Boop Pages" website in two years, since the last internet movie, "Betty Boop Dreams", was added in 2006. . Like my other MikeVideo movies, I am featuring a feed from my Xanga blog, WhenWordsCollide, and a YouTube feed of the streaming video on my YouTube page.



This "internet movie" is presented as an art piece, and is not for sale. Betty Boop is a copyrighted image from King Features. No attempt is made to infringe upon copyrighted material. Most of the images in the movie are captures from the VHS videotapes of the complete collection of Betty Boop cartoons. The cartoons are from 1932 to 1934. . MFN 6/10/07

A capture from the internet movie, colorized in the Picture Publisher program.


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"Betty Boop Dreams" : MikeVideo internet movie created 01/14/06 by Michael F. Nyiri

The composite art featured on this site is only the beginning. One of my dreams was to somehow capture the figurines and dolls as video, and then "composite" backgrounds for them. On the aftenoon of January 14 I created a 3:38 "movie" using the chroma key feature in the video editing software. Like my other MikeVideo movies, I am featuring a YouTube feed of the streaming video on my YouTube page.



This "internet movie" is presented as an art piece, and is not for sale. Betty Boop is a copyrighted image from King Features. No attempt is made to infringe upon copyrighted material. Most of the images in the movie are photos of Danbury Mint collectible Betty Boop figurines. The backgrounds are MikeVideo videography. One image is used from a copyrighted website, Rita's Betty Boop Site. It is the image of Betty in a nighty on the title card for the video. (above). This is original art drawn by Rita. Most of the images in the still section in the video are my own composites, made with photographs or images from the web, and featured on this website. MFN 1/15/0




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Betty Boop, besides being an American Icon, is a copyrighted figure. King Features holds the copyright on Betty and the Max Fleischer stable of cartoons. Here is the "Official Betty Boop Site"

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