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"Betty With Roses" : Colorized cartoon image created 07/11/07 by Michael F. Nyiri

This image shows up in one of the scenes of "Betty Boop" , the latest internet movie featuring sweet Betty. I added background and the field of roses, and colorized Betty by hand in the Picture Publisher. Click on any of the images on this page to see the full size composites in another window.


"Betty Comes Visiting" : Colorized cartoon image created 07/11/07 by Michael F. Nyiri

This is the first Betty Boop artwork I've done in about a year, and was made for the new MikeVideo internet movie, "Betty Boop" which is the first compilation of cartoon images I've done in movie form.



"Bagel Shop " : Composite created 06/11/05 by Michael F. Nyiri

A redrawn Betty taken from one of her original black and white cartoons has been colored and inserted into a small town scene, shot in Glendora. .



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"Betty in the Jacaranda Forest": Composite created 06/11/05 by Michael F. Nyiri

Betty is taking a walk in the Jacaranda Forest. You can see her little cottage in the background. Betty originated as a cartoon image captured and then modified using the paint brushes in the picture publisher.


"Boopscat" : Colorized capture by Michael F. Nyiri

In this image from 2003, a capture of one of the frames of the VHS tape was saved to the computer, and then the image was colorized in the Picture Publisher editing program.


"Extreme Closeup" : Video capture and edit by Michael F. Nyiri

A frame from one of the cartoons has not only been captured, but blown up and cropped so that Betty appears to fill the frame with her worry.





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